3 Post-Accident Pain Tracking Apps

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One of the common pieces of advice given to anyone sustaining injuries in an accident is to keep track of anything that may be evidence. This means keeping meticulous records of bills and medical treatment and expenses. But it also means tracking pain. In the past, this might have meant keeping a paper journal but in today's technological age, there are several post-accident pain tracking apps both for Android and iPhone operating systems.

What apps can help you track pain?

WebMD Pain Coach

The WebMD Pain Coach app is a free application available on both Android phones and iPhones at the Google Play Store or the App Store. 

This application serves as a personal pain record in which the user rates her pain levels on a scale of 1 to 10. It helps with chronic pain management and provides users with suggestions and recommendations across five major categories including Food, Rest, Exercise, Mood and Treatments. 

The app also helps users identify "triggers," monitor moods, and manage pain, in addition to creating PDF files to share with a doctor.


CatchMyPain is another versatile, free application for both iPhone and Android systems as well as on the computer. This app serves as a pain diary but also offers a unique social networking forum. 

The user records his or her pain using a tool that allows the user to identify the part of the body that is hurting and then describe the type of pain. It also tracks mood, sleep, medications, and more. The community aspect allows users to share and learn from each other and stay connected to the world. 


The MyPainDiary app costs $4.99 and is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This app uses color-coded flags for different customizable conditions and is set up similar to a calendar. 

Users choose either to use a rating scale of 1 to 10 or a picture scale using cartoon faces. They can provide specific information regarding their condition including identifying exact locations, descriptions, and triggers of pain. The app also incorporates weather-related information to tie it to pain levels. 

Users can create specific reports, view their history, and share their information with their doctors directly.

Because patients may have extended periods of time between doctor appointments, these pain management applications allow them to present a realistic picture of their pain in their daily lives. 

Why is tracking pain important after an accident?

Pain tracking is important both for the medical treatment of the patient as well as to support her legal claim. If you sustained injury in an accident due to another’s negligence, you may be eligible to file an injury claim for compensation. Be sure to speak with a car accident lawyer from Max Meyers Law PLLC for help. 

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