Bicycling Gear You Should Take on Your Ride

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A carefree spirit and a love of the outdoors are not the only things you should bring with you when you're bicycling. It’s important to prepare by also bringing essential bicycling gear to keep you comfortable and safe.

What should your bicycling gear include?

A bicyclist is vulnerable not just to vehicle breakdowns like motorists, but also a heightened risk of accidents. That’s why your bicycle helmet is an absolute essential. Never leave home without it. Make sure the bicycle helmet fits properly and is secure. It should be snug but not too tight and sit over your forehead.

You also can include a small toolkit. This will help you conduct emergency repairs on your bicycle when it's necessary to do so. Make sure you know how to use the tools in your toolkit.

Keep reflective material for when you're bicycling at night in Bellevue. Stick the tape on your jacket, bicycle, shoes and other accessories so you are more visible to motorists at night. Remember, when a motorist is not able to see you he is more likely to hit you.

If you’re not a fan of the traditional bicycle gear, you might consider some fashionable alternatives available from a Seattle retailer.

Extra Gear for Night Riding

If you plan to ride at night, keep an emergency set of lights with you to make you visible.  These are inexpensive and very useful. Simply buy the bright LED lights widely available these days. LED lights help make you visible to motorists and also illuminate the road for you.

Many bicyclists leave home without taking locks for their bicycle and leave their bikes on the sidewalk. Bicycle theft is not uncommon in Bellevue.  Buy an expensive and high-quality lock

Don’t Forget the Cell Phone, First-aid Kit

A fully charged cell phone should be in your bicycle kit at all times. Also, pack a first aid kit that comes with antiseptic lotion, Band-Aids, gauze and other essentials.

Put these items in a special bicycle bag. You can use a shoulder bag you wear courier-style around the shoulders or a small compact rucksack. Many other bicycle bag styles also can be found online. Make sure the bag is constructed so you if you carry a bottle of water it won’t leak into the contents in the bag.

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