How do I get involved in the Westlake Cycle Track Project?

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The Westlake Cycle Track Project aims to create safe space for bicyclists in the Westlake Ave. N corridor that connects Fremont and the South Lake Union neighborhoods. The idea is to integrate bike safety with walking and driving safety in one 1.2 mile corridor that is home to businesses.

The point is to make space not just for greater bike safety but for pedestrian and motorist safety as well. The project will create an undefined space for people walking, bicycling, using wheelchairs and driving. Bicyclists and pedestrians can use the sidewalk as well as the parking area and service lane meant for pickups and deliveries.

The project aims to create safe spaces for bicyclists by supporting bicyclists of all ages and abilities, and create more walking opportunities by separating pedestrians from bicyclists. It also aims to create a safer and more convenient driving environment by promoting stability within the parking area. It will provide a flat bicycle path to increase bike safety, and make this entire area more accessible to local residents and visitors.

The Westlake Cycle Track Project is part of the City of Seattle's goal of reducing the number of serious accident fatalities or injuries in Seattle by 2030 to zero. The target of the project is to meet the increasing demand for safe spaces by bicyclists, and reduce conflict between bicyclists and motorists.

The bicycle track as part of the Westlake Cycle Project will be established on the east side of the corridor in the parking area, helping create a bike safety space while maintaining much of the parking area that businesses in the neighborhood will need.

How You Can Get Involved

Bicyclists are encouraged to participate in the project, and provide their valuable input. If you are a bicyclist, don't miss out on this opportunity to get your voice heard. Log in to the Seattle Department of Transportation website. You will find a complete itinerary of the regular briefings that are being conducted on the project.

The city encourages all citizens to participate in this initiative. Citizen participation and involvement will play a critical role in the success of the Westlake Cycle Track project.

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