Broken Collarbone from a Bike Accident

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Bicyclists are generally more prone to injury in traffic accidents than drivers of passenger vehicles. They don't have the protection of a metal and plastic cage like passenger vehicle drivers. There were 49 serious injuries among bicyclists in King County, which includes Kirkland and other metropolitan areas.

Accidents involving a cyclist can result in a variety of injuries. One of the types of injury for a cyclist to suffer is a broken collarbone, also known as a fractured clavicle. While a collarbone break is usually a temporary injury, it can be painful and may require expensive medical treatment. If you suffered a collarbone fracture as a result of a bike accident, seek the help of a personal injury attorney.

Collarbone injuries: Why Cyclists are at Risk

Collarbone injuries are not uncommon amongst cyclists. When a cyclist falls off a bike, he or she usually attempts to break the fall by extending an arm. When the arm, hand, or shoulder makes contact with the ground first, the blunt force of the impact travels up through the arm and shoulder, and into the collarbone.

Wrist injuries are also very common for the exact same reason—it’s instinctive to reach for the ground when falling towards it, hoping to brace oneself against the impact.

Symptoms of and Treatment for a Broken Collarbone

A broken collarbone is usually easy to diagnose, and is characterized by very straightforward signs and symptoms. However, a collarbone break can range in severity, and can be fractured in a variety of places. In order to make a correct diagnosis, an X-ray is usually required. Your doctor can provide more specific information about diagnosis.

According to MedlinePlus, a broken collarbone may result in any or all of these difficulties.

  • Restricted range of motion when raising the shoulder or lifting the arm
  • A shoulder that appears to “sag”
  • A cracking or grinding noise when raising the arm
  • Swelling and bruising over the clavicle
  • Obvious deformity
  • Possible tingling in the arms or fingers


Depending upon the severity of the break, the treatment options for a broken collarbone can vary. If the break is not severe and the bones are aligned, the treatment will typically include wearing a sling, resting the arm and shoulder, and taking any necessary medication for pain.

On the other hand, if the break is severe and the bones are not aligned, then more intense treatment may be necessary, including surgery. Depending upon the location of the break, whether or not the bones are aligned, and your age, the broken bone may take several weeks to heal.

What to Do If You’ve Broken Your Collarbone

If you suffered a broken collarbone as a result of a bike accident caused by a motorist who was behaving irresponsibly, you may be entitled to compensation. If you’ve been injured, seeking legal help is within your best interest. An attorney can help you prove that the driver should be liable for your injuries, and can get you the compensation you need to pay your medical bills, replace your lost wages, and more.

At Max Meyers Law PLLC, our attorneys understand what it takes to win a personal injury case. If you need help defending your rights as an accident victim, our attorneys are ready to advocate for you. To get started on filing your claim today, call us now at 425-399-7000. Or head to our contact page and fill out our form to set up a consultation.

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