Celebrate Distracted Driving Awareness Month with Three Easy Ways to Stop Distracted Driving

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To educate drivers on the dangers of distracted driving and to encourage them to keep their attention on the road, the National Safety Council has made April Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

To celebrate, we have come up with a list of three easy things you can do to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes and mind on the road where they belong.

Install an App

Technology has created an entirely new way for people to connect with others around the world. And yet, that same technology has also created a dangerous world for anyone who stays connected behind the wheel.

We get it; using your phone is tempting, especially when you are stuck in traffic, sitting at a red light, or really need to tell someone something. But, remember that in the average time it takes to read or send a text (five seconds), you can travel the length of a football field, according to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Do not take the risk.

There are many apps available that disable certain phone capabilities. Some apps, such as DriveSafe Mode, Live2Txt, or CellControl, block apps or send messages alerting others that the person they are trying to reach is driving. 

Others approach the topic from different perspectives: SafeDrive rewards safe driving behaviors, while apps like Drivesafe.ly read your texts and emails aloud. It is important to note that there is evidence that having "hands-free" communication is actually no safer than hands-on, however, so these last apps may not actually be in your best interests.

Put Your Phone Where You Cannot See It

Hiding your phone might seem excessive but it is easy to "forget" that you intended not to look at it when you get a notification and the road seems long and it will only take a second. But as described above, catastrophes can happen in a second, which is especially dangerous if you take your eyes off the road for five.

Put the phone in your purse, glove box, on your back seat, or even in the trunk to ensure it does not tempt you.

Avoid multitasking

Understand that cell phone use is not the only driving distraction. Multi-tasking behind the wheel is always a bad idea whether it involves changing the radio station, eating or drinking, putting on make-up, arguing with passengers, or grabbing something off the floor.

We understand that accidents happen, even to safe drivers. If you or someone you care about suffered harm in an accident caused by a distracted driver, schedule a consultation with a car accident attorney from Max Meyers Law PLLC about filing a claim for compensation.

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