For Bicycle-Friendly Cities, Seattle Receives 13th Highest Bike Score; Bellevue 146th

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Seattle is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the U.S. While it’s been ranked in the top 10 by other bicycle associations and organizations, Walk Score recently ranked it as 13th in the nation. Nearby Bellevue scored much worse; ranking as 146th.

Seattle Receives an Overall Bike Score of 63

Seattle received an overall bike score of 63, putting it ahead of dozens of other cities within the U.S. (the study assessed 154 cities in America). The score was a slight improvement from the year 2013 when it received a score of just fewer than 61 points.

Walk Score’s scoring system looks at three primary factors.

  • The number of people who commute via bicycle in the cities
  • The number of cities’ bike lanes
  • Connectivity


Seattle is in between New York (12th place) and Oakland, California (14th). Cambridge, Massachusetts got first place, with a score of 92.8. There are obviously a variety of ways to determine bike-friendliness, climate and location are things that bikers and legislators cannot control.

Bellevue Brings up the Rear

Out of 154 cities, Bellevue, Washington takes number 146. Bellevue’s score was a sad 37.4 out of 100. Birmingham, Alabama took the last spot on the list, with Tyler, Texas and Cincinnati receiving similar ranks as Bellevue.

Other areas in the state fared nearly just as poorly.

  • Bellingham was ranked 80th
  • Tacoma was ranked 100th
  • Spokane was ranked 101st

Improving Cyclists’ Safety in Washington State

The state of Washington as a whole has scored fairly well in terms of bicycle-friendliness. Read our blog about how Washington was recently named the most bicycle-friendly state in the nation for the 8th year in a row.

While the state may be dominating the country in terms of cycle safety initiatives, it’s easy to see that certain areas of the state—like Bellevue and Spokane—are not. Increased enforcement, more bike lanes, and other cycle-friendly policies could help to improve cyclists’ safety.

What to Do If You’re Involved in a Bicycle Accident

The hope is that with more initiatives and work, the state of Washington can eliminate cyclist accidents and fatalities. Until that day, though, it’s important to understand your rights in a cycling accident.

At Max Meyers Law PLLC, we can help you to prove the negligence of the driver who hit you, understand your insurance policy, and file a claim for damages. To learn more about your rights as a cyclist in Washington State, contact us today at 425-399-7000.

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