5 Halloween Safety Tips to Share with Your Kids

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Safe Kids Worldwide reports Halloween as the night when children are twice as likely to be hit and killed by a car than any other night of the year. On a holiday where we expect spooky things to happen, make sure your family does not have a real-life fright on your hands. Make sure to review the following Halloween safety tips with your kids every year before they go trick or treating or to a friend's party.

Halloween Safety Tips for Kids of All Ages

Dress for Safety

Look for costumes that are light-colored or reflective to help increase your child's visibility. Make sure they wear sneakers, and their costume does not drag on the ground where it can become a tripping hazard. Before purchasing a costume, make sure it is flame-retardant and breathable in case of a warm Halloween night.

Set Some Rules

If your children are going out alone with friends or to a party, make sure you set a curfew time. Remind them that they should never get into a car with strangers and they should not eat their candy until you have had a chance to inspect it for safety.

Know Your Route

Whether you are leading a group or sending your children out with others, make sure you know where they are headed. Pick routes with sidewalks and street lights, as well as areas that do not usually have heavy traffic. It is best to stick to neighborhoods your children are familiar with rather than going to other areas.

Watch Where You Are Going

Poor visibility is one of the main causes of pedestrian accidents on Halloween. If your child is wearing a dark costume, you should add some reflective tape or lights to increase their chances of being seen on the road.

Make sure every child is carrying a flashlight. You can also add glow stick bracelets or necklaces as a fun way to make your child more visible.

If you child is dressing up as his or her favorite Jedi or Sith, consider getting a lightsaber that lights up to make safety more fun!

Remind Them Trick or Treating is Not a Game

Halloween is a time for fun and games, but not when it comes to safety. Many Halloween accidents happen when children are playing around in the streets or running. Remind your child that they should never dart into the street and avoid horseplay even on sidewalks.

Bonus Tip: All Adults Can Help Keep Kids Safe on Halloween

Even if you do not have children, if you are driving anywhere on Halloween night you should be on high alert for pedestrians. Watch your speed, especially in residential areas and high-traffic intersections, to allow yourself more time to react to a pedestrian in the road. Avoid drinking and driving or driving drowsy to make sure you are alert and ready to act in the face of a potential accident.

Max Meyers Law wishes everyone a safe and spooky Halloween night! For more information on Halloween and pedestrian safety, check out our latest newsletter or visit our blog

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