Kirkland Bikers: 3 Bike Safety Tips You Don’t Already Know

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Bicycling in Kirkland is a fun and functional activity in which people of all age groups can participate. However, even if you are already exercising safe riding skills when cycling around—like wearing a helmet and using lights and reflectors—you might not be riding as safely as you could be. Here are three things that you can start doing today to become a safer bicyclist.

1. Get a Mirror and Use It

Most people assume that mirrors are only for motorists. However, bike mirrors that provide a view of what’s behind the bicyclist—including oncoming traffic in the right and left lanes—can be critical to safety. Mirrors are especially useful if you’re sharing the road with motor vehicles. Buy mirrors online or from most cycling retailers.

2. Use Hand Signals

While some cyclists use hand signals regularly, too many cyclists either don’t use hand signals at all or don’t use the correct hand signals while riding. If you’re not already familiar with how to signal with your hands while on your bike, read the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's publication on hand signals for cyclists.

Using hand signals lets other cyclists and motorists know what you’re going to do, and not using hand signals is against the law in Washington State. If you’re a parent, don’t forget to teach your children the importance of using the correct hand signals, too.

3. Don’t Pass on the Right

While it can be tempting to pass a vehicle on the right, especially if you’re about to make a right-hand turn, ignore that urge. Instead of passing on the right, slow down to a safe speed and stay behind the vehicle. If safe to do so and you have the driver’s attention, pass on the left.

Keep Yourself Safe While Cycling

If you’re a cyclist in Kirkland, make sure you read our blogs about non-bike routes in Washington State and their dangers; defective bicycle shock absorbers; and how Washington is taking action to improve bicyclist and pedestrian safety throughout the state.

While we hope it never happens to you, if you are involved in a bicycling accident in Kirkland, the attorneys at Max Meyers Law PLLC are here to help. If you need to get help now, you can contact us free of charge for advice or an initial case consultation. Visit us online or call now! 

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