Two New 'Kickstarted' Bicycle Helmets Use Technology to Improve Safety

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Bicycle helmets have come a long way since the soft leather, minimalist prototypes of the 1970s. Manufacturers are making good use of new bicycle helmet technologies and making leaps and bounds in safety improvements.

Hundreds of people die every year in bicycle accidents, and many of those deaths involve head injuries.  New and improved helmets that capitalize on enhanced technologies can help save lives and reduce bicycle accidents.

Two new types of enhanced helmets have recently hit the market; below is a brief overview of each. Remember that when shopping for a helmet, only select those that are CPSC-approved, as they have to meet rigorous safety standards.

Lumos Bicycle Helmet

Imagine a smart helmet that not only has headlights but can indicate braking and turning, much like blinkers and brake lights in a car. That vision was brought to reality by a former Harvard Business School student and a mechanical engineer. They joined to create a unique bicycle helmet with three types of powerfully bright LED built-in lights.

Their startup, Lumos, garnered funds on Kickstarter and worked with Chinese manufacturers to develop an ordinary looking helmet with extraordinary features: a front light, wireless turn signal lights, and rear brake lights.

The rear light uses an integrated accelerometer that switches from flashing to a solid red light when the cyclists slow down and brakes. The turn indicators are connected wirelessly to a remote attached to the bicycle handlebars. 

When the cyclist wants to turn, s/he pushes the button on the handlebar remote to trigger the blinkers on the sides of the helmet. This helmet aims to improve safety by increasing cyclists’ visibility to motorists while biking to work or for recreation any time of the day.

LifeBEAM Smart Helmet

The original LifeBEAM helmet was designed to monitor the vital signs of pilots and astronauts. It harped on durability and accuracy. The manufacturers wanted to bring the helmet to the general public, so they developed a smart helmet geared toward the fitness enthusiast.

The helmet senses your body while you ride, offers CPSC-certified protection, monitors your heart rate, counts your caloric expenditure, and analyzes your performance.

The features on the LifeBEAM helmet are lengthy. A few of the highlights include the following.

  • Optical heart-rate sensor
  • Lightweight, comfortable, sleek design
  • Three-axis accelerometer
  • Wireless connectivity with compatible smart phones, sports watches, and cycling computers
  • Compatible with most fitness apps, fitness devices, and mobile devices

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

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