Kirkland Resident-City Collaboration Approves Multiple Pedestrian Safety Projects

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The city of Kirkland is engaged in a collaboration with residents to identify local neighborhood safety projects that will help improve pedestrian safety. Recently, the collaboration resulted in the approval of as many as 17 projects across the city. A panel identified projects that would help benefit the city and these projects were presented at a recent meeting of the City Council.

Kirkland's Pedestrian Safety Program

The Neighborhood Safety Program involves city staff, residents, and businesses. The aim of the initiative is to identify safety targets in the city that will help address pedestrian safety issues, and make it easier and safer for people to walk.

So far, all indications are that the initiative is a tremendous success. According to residents, they are extremely pleased with the manner in which the collaboration has been able to identify important production safety projects that will improve the quality of life for people in Kirkland.

At the recent meeting, for instance, the City Council unanimously approved 14 of the projects that were proposed. It will consider and study two more additional projects and will establish a crosswalk with funding provided by the Capital Improvement Program.

Some Highlights of the Neighborhood Safety Program Projects

Some of the projects approved involve better connectivity, installation of new and improved crosswalks and gravel walkways as well as improvements to crosswalks in several areas around Kirkland. The improvements will result in the installation of rapid flashing beacons, radar speed signs, and more sidewalks.

By neighborhood, here are some of the improvements to be made.

  • Juanita: Gravel walkway on 110th Street from NE 112th Street and around the sharp corner to NE 110th Street
  • Finn Hill: Rapid Flashing Beacon at 84th Avenue NE and NE 138th Street
  • North Rose Hill: New flagged crosswalk at 132nd Avenue NE at NE 97th Street
  • Moss Bay: Sidewalk on north side of Kirkland Avenue at 6th Street South
  • Everest: Crosswalk on 6th Street at 5th Avenue South

Pedestrian Infrastructure and Accidents

No one can deny that pedestrian infrastructure and a better walking environment are crucial to pedestrian safety. Unfortunately, very often, those roads are not designed with the security of pedestrians in mind. The result is accidents occur because pedestrians are not visible, or because the road design encourages motorists to speed.

If your pedestrian accident was the outcome of a defective road design or other forms of negligence by a government agency, you might have legal options for compensation. Filing a claim against a government agency, however, is not easy. Talk to a lawyer, and determine whether you meet the criteria for filing a claim against a government agency. Call 425-399-7000 to speak to pedestrian accident lawyer Max Meyers at our firm.

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