Preventing Infection from Road Rash in a Bike Accident

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Road rash, while often not a dangerous type of injury, can be very painful. What's more, for a bicycle accident, road rash is one of the most common. Sustained when the skin is scraped or dragged along the pavement/asphalt, infection from road rash occurs if not cared for properly. Here are some tips for preventing disease if you’ve suffered road rash in a bike accident.

Clean the Wound Regularly

Don’t touch the road rash unless you’ve washed your hands first because doing so can spread germs and bacteria that increase the risk of infection. Additionally, make sure that you clean the wound regularly. Not only does this include washing the wound with soap and warm water, but it also means changing the dressing/bandages regularly.

Changing your dressings regularly not only helps to keep the wound clean, but it also removes dead skin and debris.

Dry Wound Well and Apply Cream

Just as important as cleaning your wound is making sure that the wound is dried properly before being bandaged. A wound that’s wet or moist can lead to bacterial growth. After drying thoroughly, apply an anti-bacterial cream or anti-microbial.

Watch for Signs of Infection

If you do notice any signs of infection, you should seek medical care immediately. Signs of infection include the following listed below.

•    Increased levels of redness or swelling

•    Pus or foul-smelling liquid

•    Flu-like symptoms, including fever, nausea, and aches

By catching an infection early on, you may be able to prevent more significant harm from occurring. As a note, the tips listed above are not meant to replace the advice of a licensed healthcare professional.

Prevent Road Rash Before it Happens

You can help to prevent road rash by always making sure you’re always visible to other cyclists (using a light, wearing bright colors, etc.). Additionally, wear proper bicycle safety gear that protects your arms and legs in the event of a crash.

If you are in a crash and do suffer road rash, make sure that you seek medical care. After you’ve received treatment, consider calling an attorney, especially if your injuries are severe.

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