Although there are many, many cities in the United States that get more rain than Seattle, our city is still known for our rainfall. This is because although we don't get a lot of rain, we do have more rainy days in general than other locations. Because of that, if you're a bicyclist, you need to be aware of ways to stay safe when riding in the rain. Even a little precipitation can change your two-wheeled commute, so it's always good to know some basic rain safety rules.

  • Go slowly. If you're used to keeping a certain pace while you ride, it can be difficult to force yourself to slow things down. However, between the extra slippery pavement markings and the inability to brake as quickly, you're much better off taking it easy.
  • Consider getting a bike fender. Bike fenders are a great way to keep you and your bike clean and protected from all of the mud, dirt, and water you could potentially kick up onto yourself. By keeping that muck off your bike, you're protecting your chain, brakes, frame, and other parts.
  • Wear the right gear. Between darkened skies and foggy windshields, you need to be as visible as possible to passing motorists. Wear bright clothing, preferably with reflectors.
  • Avoid puddles. If you can't see the bottom of a puddle, don't ride through just to find out what's in there. In addition to splashing yourself, you could end up riding through a pothole that throws you off balance.
  • If you exercise just a little more caution that usual when your ride your bike in the rain, you're giving yourself a great chance at a safe ride.


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