Safest Motorcycles on the Market – A Guide for Kirkland Motorcyclists

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Cars now come with a number of innovative safety features, like blind spot cameras and automatic braking systems. In recent years, manufacturers are applying some of these and other safety features to motorcycles, creating some of the safest motorcycles on the road. In March 2014, the Cheat Sheet listed seven motorcycles with new and innovative safety features. Below are four that caught our eye.

Yamaha V Star 250

Simply ramping down the bike’s power could help keep riders safe. The V Star 250 comes with a smaller engine and smoother torque output, notes the Cheat Sheet. This could be a good option or a new rider.

Ducati Multistrada D-Air

The Ducati Multistrada D-Air comes with one of the latest and greatest specialties in motorcycle safety technology: a Dainese airbag jacket. The airbag jacket uses the bike’s motion to detect whether or not a crash has occurred. If a crash does happen, the airbag is supposed to deploy in 45 milliseconds or less.

2014 Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS Adventure

The 2014 Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS Adventure has some pretty sweet features. The bike’s ABS – antilock braking system – comes standard and features five-way adjustable front forks. reports that antilock braking systems reduce the risk of a motorcycle collision by 31 percent. Another neat safety feature is the bike’s windshield, which is adjustable to three different heights, allowing for protection from flying debris.

Harley-Davidson Road King

The Harley-Davidson Road King also comes equipped with ABS and has reflex-linked brakes. The bike also comes with dual halogen headlamps, responsive steering control, and brighter fog, brake, and turn signal lights.

A Kirkland Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You if Injured

In addition to choosing a safe bike for your motorcycle adventures, it’s also important that you always wear a helmet. Check out our previous blog that goes over how to choose a motorcycle helmet that’s safe. And make sure you understand and follow all motorcycle laws in Washington.

But if despite your own safe riding another driver causes an accident that injures you, you may qualify to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit. This could allow you to recover damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and even pain and suffering. Get help from Max Meyers Law if you are ever involved in an accident while on your motorcycle. Check out our motorcycle accident eBook and call us at 425-399-7000 to set up a consultation.

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