Safety Tips for Group Bicycle Riding in Redmond

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Riding with friends or a cycling group is a great way to push yourself mentally and physically, enjoy a fun activity with loved ones and pass the miles pleasantly. When riding with a group, however, follow these tips for optimal safety and ride gratification.

Be Predictable

When you’re riding with a group, the way that you approach certain situations may be much different than what you would do solo. Remember, when you’re part of a group ride, it’s important to remain part of that group mentally and physically. Stay aware of what’s happening with other riders, be patient, avoid sudden movements and ride predictably.

Be Wise

If you’re the group ride leader, make sure you know the ability level of all of the other cyclists in your group. What’s more, never lead your group into a dangerous situation. For example, if you notice that a light is about to turn yellow, stop early and wait it out, rather than leading your group through a dangerous intersection. If you know that you’ll be riding a road that has sharp turns or other potential dangers, talk to the group prior to the ride and give everyone a heads up when you approach the mentioned spot.

Be Prepared

Before heading out on your group ride, make sure that you’re prepared with all the essentials that you’ll need. This includes extra water, snacks, an extra bike tube and patch kit and a handheld bike tire pump. A small first aid kit that can easily fit in your bike pack, as well as sunscreen, is also advised. Have a cellphone on you in the event that you get separated from the group. And of course, always wear a helmet!

Be Courteous

If you’re not the fastest rider in the group, that’s OK. However, remember that it’s important to be courteous to other riders who are a bit speedier – if you’re riding slower than others, move over to the right side of the road so that faster riders can pass on your left. Remember that riding sporadically, swerving, sudden movements and zooming ahead are all things that you should avoid when riding with a group.

More Cycling Safety Information in Redmond

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