Smart Bicycle Helmet May Prevent Bellevue Accidents

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There were four fatal bicycle accidents in King County in 2013 and 34 serious injury bicycle accidents. Across Washington, there were 11 bicycle accident fatalities and 81 serious injuries. State and local officials are constantly implementing new safety measures to make the state even safer for bicyclists, but private industry is also coming up with new products to make bicycling safer.

Developed by a group of three Swedish companies in different industries (automaker Volvo, tech firm Ericsson, and sports equipment maker POC), a new smart bicycle helmet alerts drivers and bicyclists to each other's presence to help them avoid accidents. Read on to learn more about how the helmet works.

Smart Helmet Alerts Cyclists of Vehicles & Vice Versa

The helmet features an alert system to both drivers and cyclists when in the vicinity of the other. It uses smartphone apps to update the cyclist's location with the Volvo cloud system. This provides access to the bicyclist's location so the vehicle can alert drivers to the cyclist's presence. The helmet will alert the cyclist of a nearby vehicle via a flashing light that is mounted on the helmet. The alert will also feature vibration.

The smart bike helmet isn't available yet, though. The Swedish companies are unveiling the new technology in January 2015 at the International CES tradeshow. Many safety advocates hope similar systems will start popping up in other automakers' vehicles in the coming years. Many new vehicles come equipped with – or provide consumers the option of including – a blind spot alert system or front crash prevention system to avoid accidents with other cars and objects.

If You're in a Bike Accident in Bellevue, Call Max Meyers Law

While technology can help make the roads safer, it cannot completely eliminate the risk of an accident. Negligent drivers may still cause accidents with bicycles because they fail to look for them before turning or they do not provide sufficient room when passing them.

If you are ever involved in a bicycle accident that a driver caused, you may be eligible to recover damages by filing a claim or lawsuit. Max Meyers Law PLLC helps accident victims in Bellevue exercise their rights to recover damages. Give us a call at 425-399-7000 if you require our services. Also be sure to check out our free eBook, Bicycle Accident Secrets Unlocked, to learn more about bike accidents and insurance claims.

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