This is Where Motorcycle Blind Spots are Located

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Despite motorcycles’ small size and lack of obvious blinders, motorcycles have two major blind spots that motorcyclists should know. Teen motorcycle accident tips always include checking one’s blind spots, as well as wearing a helmet and choosing an appropriately sized bike. The following reviews the two primary locations of motorcyclists’ blind spots, and how you can stay safe as a motorcyclist when riding in Tacoma.

Blind Spots to the Right and Left of the Motorcycle

The blind spot locations for a motorcycle are very similar to what the blinds spots are for a car: to the rear right and rear left of the motorcycle. They form a right angle triangle of “blindness” on each of the motorcycle’s sides that extends the width of two lanes on either side.

While these blind spots are smaller than the blind spots that regular vehicles have, they are equally as dangerous. Cars located in the triangular-shaped area are not visible in a motorcyclist’s side mirrors; instead, the only area that’s usually visible in mirrors is the location directly behind the motorcycle.

Purchase Motorcycle Blind Spot Mirrors

Failing to check your blind spots prior to lane changing can be catastrophic. To ensure that you’re safe, purchase motorcycle blind spot mirrors. These mirrors will provide you with a visual of what’s directly behind your motorcycle, as well as what’s approaching to your right or left.

Blind spot mirrors can usually be found for under $20 online or at a motorcycle parts store, and can be crucial for Tacoma motorcycle safety.

Do a Shoulder Check

In addition to purchasing blind spot mirrors, you should always look over your shoulder before changing lanes. Glance over your shoulder even if you don't see anyone in the mirror. They are called 'blind spots' for a reason. Looking over your shoulder prior to lane changing can save your life. 

Additional Safety Measures 

Take note of places where you can pull off the road as you drive in case of emergency. Slowing down before making a turn is another safety measure that Tacoma riders can take on our winding roads.

When You are in a Tacoma Motorcycle Accident

In the event of a motorcycle accident in Tacoma, call Max Meyers Law PLLC personal injury and motorcycle accident attorneys. You can reach our offices to schedule an appointment to review your claim today at 425-399-7000. 

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