The Newest and Most Innovative Motorcycle Safety Equipment

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Choosing the right gear for motorcycle safety is a core part of avoiding motorcycle accidents. If your stuff is a bit outdated, though, consider replacing it with these new and innovative pieces of motorcycle safety equipment.

Smart Lights

Both taillights and headlights are essential components for safety on a motorcycle. New technology has made improvements to both.

For headlights, BMW brought intelligent lighting to motorcycles. These headlights tilt according to the bike’s lean angle, illuminating what’s ahead of the motorcyclist, even on curves.

For rear lights, brake lights have always been a worry for motorcyclists. Because motorcycles don’t take a lot of time to stop, brake lights are often applied much later than they would be in a car. As a result, cars behind a motorcyclist may get no indication that the motorcyclist is slowing until its too late.

New rear light technology illuminate rear brake lights any time the motorcycle starts to slow, regardless of whether or not pressure is be applied to the brakes. This is a start-up raising funds, so check out Vectolabs if you want to support.

Smart Helmets

Smart helmets have been around for a few years now, although primarily in the testing phases. Now, Nand Logic smart helmets are available to the consumer, and these helmets certainly may be an intelligent purchase.

Smart helmets are equipped with the following.

  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Cameras to give the motorcyclists a 360 view
  • Collision alerts
  • GPS capabilities


Before choosing a motorcycle helmet, though, make sure your helmet of choice is DOT-approved. A smart helmet isn’t nearly as cool if it doesn’t excel when it comes to crash test safety ratings.

Other Cool Stuff To Check Out

The new lights and helmets are two of the most innovative developments in motorcycle safety technology. Other innovative designs for bikers are listed below.

  • Motorcycle jackets that come fully equipped with airbags that deploy in the event of an accident
  • Anti-lock brakes (which have been around for years, but many motorcyclists still choose not to use)

Safety: Your Top Priority While Riding

Also to all the gear listed above, make sure you read our motorcycle accident blog about safety tips for riding at night, the safest motorcycles on the market, and vehicle laws in Washington state. The more you know about motorcycle safety, the smaller your risk of being involved in an accident.

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