Toyota Recalls over 700,000 Prius Vehicles

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Toyota recently issued a worldwide recall for 1.9 million Prius vehicles because of a software defect in the car's control module. The defect has the potential to cause serious car accidents. It may cause the vehicle to overheat and damages the transistors, which could lead to warning lights and may cause the vehicle to enter failsafe mode. In extreme circumstances, it may lead to the car losing power and coming to a stop while the driver was driving it.

Toyota Prius Software Defect Dangers

If a Prius shuts down or loses speed suddenly, it can disrupt the flow of traffic and potentially lead to an accident. Drivers may be rear ended from another driver behind them not reacting quick enough to the car's sudden reduction in speed. This danger is amplified when the driver uses the Prius on the highway or another fast moving roadway. Traffic congestion may be further amplified if the driver cannot leave the flow of traffic immediately. But so far there have been no reports of accidents or injuries related to the problem.

In December 2012, Toyota agreed to a $1 billion settlement for claims stemming from a defect in its cars that caused unintended acceleration. A study by the National Institute of Science found that faulty electronic controls caused the acceleration defect, reported the New York Times around the time of the settlement. The settlement didn't address the numerous personal injury and wrongful death claims injured parties filed against Toyota as a result of the defect.

Legal Options for Harmed Drivers

Manufacturers are responsible for their products regardless of whether they showed reasonable care in the product's manufacturing. If a driver is injured because of the Prius's software defect, she can file a personal injury lawsuit to reclaim harms she suffered as a result of the accident.

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