Walking Safety Tips for Parents and Kids in Seattle

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Whether you’re shopping, visiting the Seattle children’s museum or checking out the Space Needle, there is certainly a lot to do in this city with children. When walking through Seattle with kids in tow, though, pedestrian safety is imperative. This highly trafficked city ranks as one of the highest in the state for the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents each year. Before heading out, consider reviewing these walking safety tips with your kids.

Always Walk on the Sidewalk

Walking on the street or another non-pedestrian area is extremely dangerous. Talk to your children about the importance of sticking to the sidewalk, and the importance of walking toward traffic if no sidewalk is available.

Refresh the Rules of ‘Stop, Look, and Listen'

Stop, Look, and Listen are three of the most relevant rules for crossing streets. Even if your kids have already learned these three rules, go over them again as a reminder. The Stop, Look, and Listen rules should be applied to all crossing areas, even when there is a crosswalk with pedestrian walk signals.

Never Cross When the Light is Red

It can be tempting to dart across the street when no cars are visible, even if the light is red. Speak with your children about the importance of always crossing at the crosswalk, and only passing when the pedestrian ‘walk’ signal indicates that it’s okay to do so.

Walk, Don’t Run

The desire to run around as a child is inherent. However, running in a city—especially in traffic, like when crossing a street—can be dangerous. Always encourage your children to walk, even when on the sidewalk, to avoid a potential slip and fall and pedestrian accident.

Make Eye Contact With Drivers

Finally, encourage your children to make eye contact with drivers prior to crossing the street. Making eye contact helps to ensure that the driver sees them, reducing the risk of an accident occurring. Another way to improve visibility is to dress your children in brightly colored clothing, which is easier for motorists to spot than is darker clothing.

Read More About Pedestrian Safety

To improve your safety while walking, read more about walking safety guidelines on our bicycle and pedestrian accident blog. Our articles cover a variety of topics, ranging from details about Seattle adding a new pedestrian zone to what a pedestrian accident case is worth.

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