Why You Should Avoid a Recorded Statement After a Truck Accident

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When you're involved in a truck accident, there are many different headaches that you end up having to deal with; one of the biggest headaches is communicating with the insurance company. The accident was not your fault and you did everything you were supposed to by reporting the incident to the insurance company...so why are they making things so hard for you?

One thing the insurance company’s claims adjuster may be bothering you for right now is a recorded statement. He may have told you that it is simply for their records and it will never be used for anything, but if you decide to file a claim against the insurance company in court or you don't feel their settlement is fair, you'd be surprised at how quickly that recorded statement suddenly surfaces. For some innocent truck accident victims, that recorded statement can be a nail in their coffin and prevent them from receiving the compensation that they deserve.

Even if no part of the truck accident was your fault, insurance adjusters have an interesting way of getting you to say things that aren't necessarily true. They may ask a tricky question in a way that is hard to understand, causing you to provide incorrect information. Or they may try to act like they're just having a friendly conversation with you in an attempt to get you to let your guard down a bit and say things you don't mean. It's a devious way of doing business, but this is the reality many truck accident victims face.

The insurance company may be trying to scare you by telling you that you must give a recorded statement. This is simply not true. If you are being pressured to give a recorded statement, tell them you are going to speak with your truck accident attorney first and then you will get back to them.

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