Can I Get Sciatica from a Motorcycle Accident?

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Diagram of Man With Sciatica Back PainTraumatic accidents can cause sciatica. If you damage your spine or muscles in a location that compresses the sciatic nerve, you could get sciatica from a motorcycle accident.

If you are suffering from sciatica or another spinal cord injury after a crash someone else caused, a motorcycle accident attorney can help you fight for compensation for your related expenses. At Max Meyers Law, we handle motorcycle accident cases for clients throughout Washington State. Call us at 425-399-7000 for a free consultation about your claim. 

How Can I Get Sciatica From a Motorcycle Accident?

Sciatica happens when the sciatic nerve gets compressed or irritated in the lower back. Since there are several nerve components that merge to form the sciatic nerve, there are multiple points in your back where damage from a motorcycle accident could result in sciatica.

Because the sciatic nerve is so large and consists of multiple nerve roots, several different types of injuries or conditions could cause sciatica after a crash.


If you break a lumbar vertebra, one of the resulting problems can be sciatica. Two common causes of lumbar fractures are serious trauma, like falls or motor vehicle accidents, and weakened spines due to underlying medical conditions. If you have osteoporosis or are taking a medication that can weaken your bones, you are at higher risk of a lumbar fracture in a motorcycle wreck.

Herniated Disc

You can develop sciatica from a herniated disc after a motorcycle crash. Other terms for this injury are:

  • Slipped disc;
  • Ruptured disc;
  • Bulging disc;
  • Protruding disc; and
  • Pinched nerve.

This condition happens when the gel-like substance inside a disc in your back leaks out. The gel irritates the nerve root. Discs are the small, coin-shaped parts that act as shock absorbers between the bones in your spinal column. Many people with herniated discs experience sciatica.

Muscle Strain

If you sustain muscle strain in your lower back from the accident, the resulting inflammation can compress the sciatic nerve and cause sciatica.

Scar Tissue

You can develop sciatica from the crash long after the accident. If you form scar tissue in the lumbar region of your lower back from your injuries, the scar tissue can compress one of the nerve roots and give you sciatica.


If you develop an infection in an injured area or surgical site in your lower back, the infection can cause inflammation and can irritate the nerve root, resulting in sciatica.

How Can I Tell If I Might Have Sciatica?

With sciatica, you might experience pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in your buttocks, hips, or the backs of your legs. You might have one symptom in one area and a different feeling in another. For example, you might have pain in your lower back, hip, and back of your upper leg, and your calf might feel like pins and needles. The pain could radiate all the way down the back of your leg.

You might feel a mild ache or a sharp, stabbing pain that becomes excruciating if you sit for too long or move a certain way. Some people experience a burning sensation. Weakness in your leg muscles is another common symptom of sciatica.

If you believe your motorcycle accident caused sciatica, it is essential to seek medical treatment.

When Should I Seek Medical Treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain After a Crash?

You should seek immediate medical attention if you have symptoms of sciatica after a crash. Untreated sciatica can cause permanent nerve damage. You might even require emergency surgery if you are experiencing numbness, muscle weakness, bladder or bowel incontinence, or sudden or severe pain.

Seeking immediate medical attention immediately will also help with the motorcycle accident claims process. If we can get a doctor to link your sciatica to your crash, you stand a better chance of proving another driver is liable for your damages. Your medical visits will also provide proof of your related treatment costs.

Are There Non-Surgical Treatments for Sciatica?

Not everyone with sciatica needs to undergo surgery. According to the Mayo Clinic, many cases respond well to non-surgical treatments, such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory or narcotic pain medication;
  • Steroid injections; and
  • Physical therapy.

Even if you did not require surgery to treat your sciatica, our motorcycle accident team might be able to help you get compensation for these or other non-surgical treatments.

How Can I Get Help If My Motorcycle Crash Caused Sciatica?

If your doctor diagnosed you with sciatica after a motorcycle crash, the legal team at Max Meyers Law might be able to help. If we can build a strong case showing that someone else caused your accident and your injuries, we can pursue compensation for your damages. Call 425-399-7000 to get your free consultation with a member of our transportation accident team.

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