Should I report a minor car accident in Seattle?

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Minor fender benders happen every day, often with little or no damage to the vehicles themselves, much less the occupants inside them. So, for these minor inconveniences, do you really need to call your insurance company and report the minor car accident? The answer, in every case, is yes.

Why should I report minor car accidents?

Think of your insurance policy as a contract with the insurance company. They, for example, promise to pay you certain benefits if you are in an accident. And you, on the other hand, promise things as well. And one of the things you promise to do is to let them know if you are in an accident. Therefore, from that perspective alone, you need to preserve your relationship and coverage by letting them know about the accident. You should also be sure to report the accident to the at-fault driver's insurer as well to ensure they are aware of the situation.

In addition, you should also always call the police, even if the accident was a minor fender-bender in a parking lot. Getting a police report is a critical step in the investigation and determination of fault, if that is in question. It is also a great way to gather evidence showing the extent of damages.

What are the risks of not reporting?

You take two big risks not reporting a minor car accident. The first is not collecting key evidence that you can use to prove potential injuries. Even though you may not feel any injuries, many soft-tissue injuries do not show symptoms until 24 to 48 hours after impact. Adrenaline may also hide other injuries. (Always have a doctor check you out after any accident; this can help prove the connection between the accident and any injuries.)

The second risk is that your insurance company does not have the option to investigate and gather facts about the accident, which would help you in an injury case. Your insurer may also drop you for breach of contract (not reporting an accident).

The bottom line is that not reporting the accident is not worth the risk of violating your insurance contract or losing irreplaceable evidence. You may not need the services of a car accident attorney if the injuries themselves are minor, but you will definitely want the protection of insurance in any event. If you do find that the circumstances are complicated or injuries appear over time, contact Max Meyers Law PLLC at 425-399-7000.

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