4 Most Important Types of Motorcycle Safety Equipment Besides a Helmet

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For motorcyclists, there are few more important things that you can do than to purchase and wear a properly fitting Snell or DOT-approved helmet every time you ride. However, a helmet alone may not be enough to protect you in the event of a crash. Here are the four most important types of motorcycle safety equipment other than a helmet.

1. Eye Protection

If you don’t have a helmet that comes equipped with a full face shield, then make sure that you invest in eye protection. Not only is eye protection crucial to your safety—keeping flying debris and dust out of your eyes—but eye protection is also required under Washington State law RCW 46.37.530(b) unless a windshield is part of the motorcycle.

2. Boots

The right type of boot does more than keep your feet dry: they protect you from burns from the exhaust pipe. Look for a pair that extends up past the ankle.

Find boots with these qualities.

  • Oil-resistant soles
  • Flat with no or little heel 
  • Good grip on the soles

3. The Right Clothing   

There’s a reason that so many motorcyclists wear leather.

Leather grabs the road and helps a biker roll in the event of an accident. Unlike other fabrics, which encourage sliding and thus cause injury, leather is also warm.

Leathers offer great protection from the elements across the entire body

In addition to leather, consider wearing a reflective vest or bright colors if riding when visibility is poor. Bright colors greatly improve other motorists’ ability to see you on the road.

4. Gloves  

Gloves, while often undervalued, are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment that a motorcycle can wear. Gloves protect the hands from the cold, from moisture, and from flying debris. But more than that, they can also increase a rider’s ability to grip properly the handlebars and control the bike. The ability to deftly handle a bike is particularly necessary as temperatures drop.

What else do I need to know about motorcycle safety?

The right equipment is just one piece of safe riding – following traffic laws and choosing the safest motorcycle on the market are also important.

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