Bellevue’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Implementation Initiative

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Not only are biking and walking great forms of exercise for people to engage in, but they’re also incredibly environmentally friendly, too. To both protect pedestrians and bicyclists and avoid bicycle and pedestrian accidents, the city of Bellevue has proposed a bicycle and pedestrian safety implementation initiative.

Complementing the 2009 Pedestrian & Bicycle Transportation Plan

The 2015 bicycle and pedestrian safety implementation initiative is designed to supplement and further the efforts of the 2009 pedestrian and bicycle transportation plan. The plan’s goal includes the following listed.

  • Completing a connected network of citywide and downtown bicycle routes
  • Giving special priority to projects that focus on network connectivity
  • Designing transportation facilities that are safe
  • Implementing public education policies
  • Looking to other successful bike-friendly cities for innovative ideas
  • Considering needs of bicyclists and pedestrian in all road design projects


The 2009 plan also sought to incorporate 90 new miles of sidewalk, 20 miles of trail improvements, and 144 miles of the bikeway. Bellevue hopes that creating all of this new city infrastructure will help mitigate the common causes of bicycle accidents.

The 2015 Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Implementation Initiative

The new safety implementation initiative will focus on establishing unaccomplished 2009 goals. Furthermore, the new plan will also seek to provide, “a safe pedestrian and bicycle environment,” that leverages available data regarding local non-motorized travel.

The new initiative will also seek to leverage public-private partnerships, new funding opportunities, and will focus priority on bike corridors. The 2009 plan does not require many updates; however, implementation of 2009 suggestions is now critical.

Other specifics of the plan include the following.

  • Within 10 years, implement a minimum of two connected north-south bike routes that connect the city limit boundaries
  • In 10 years install two east-west bike paths
  • Within five years, integrate at least one related East-west and north-south bike lane through downtown Bellevue
  • Within 10 years, reduce pedestrian and vehicle accidents by 25 percent
  • Within 10 years, construct 25 more miles of sidewalks
  • Within 10 years, increase the number of trips taken by bike or foot by 10 percent

The Importance of a Bike and Pedestrian Safety Initiative

Implementing safe routes and practices for bicyclists and pedestrians is incredibly important for reducing accidents and encouraging people to consider alternative transportation methods. You can find out more about pedestrian and bike accident statistics by reading our blog.

Our blog is also an excellent resource for tips on walking and bike safely, finding the right bicycle helmet, and knowing what gear to take when you leave the house for a bike ride. If you have more questions about pedestrian and cycling safety or if you’ve been in an accident and wanted to learn more about your rights, call Bellevue personal injury attorney Max Meyers Law PLLC today at 425-399-7000

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