Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer Early after a Truck Accident

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Truck accident claims are one of the more difficult types of auto accident claims to resolve. Unlike accidents with a passenger vehicle, accidents with commercial trucks have some different rules. What's more, truck drivers usually work for large companies that have a legal staff waiting to challenge accident claims against their drivers. Hiring a lawyer is a big decision, but hiring a truck accident lawyer as early as possible is important.

Semi truck crashes into driver side of passenger car causing injuries

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Why does it matter if I hire a lawyer early or later?

The window to collect evidence in a truck accident case can be a very small one. Unlike car accidents where the evidence is mainly at the scene and obtained through police reports, witness testimony, and your own hand, truck accident evidence often lies with the trucking company.

And while the trucking company will not be very keen on giving up that evidence, that is the least of your worries. Federal regulations require a trucking company to keep certain records for only a minimum amount of time. The company has the right to discard or destroy some important records in as little as six months. If you hire a lawyer soon after your accident, s/he can send a letter of spoliation to preserve the evidence and save critical information about your claim.

Another benefit of having a lawyer with you from the start is that it gives them extra time to learn all about your accident and injuries. Lawyers with a good knowledge of their clients' situations can better negotiate their settlement for things that the insurance company is likely to ignore.

For example, if you injured your elbow to a degree where you can no longer play tennis, the insurance company would not factor that into your settlement. However, when your lawyer knows that you routinely play in amateur tournaments and it is an integral part of your quality of life, he can include this as part of your pain and suffering damages.

How else can having a lawyer benefit my truck accident case?

Obtaining the records from the trucking company is only one part of the complicated nature of truck accident evidence. Lawyers with experience with truck accidents will know what to look for in those records that can identify acts of negligence that caused the accident.

Without this proof of negligence, your claim is invalid, and there is no one to hold liable for your injuries. Make sure you choose a lawyer who has experience gathering evidence, studying trucking laws, and examining accidents.

How soon should I contact a lawyer about my truck accident?

The sooner, the better. Remember that law firms like Max Meyers Law do not charge any up-front or consultation fees just for discussing your claim.

After our free consultation, if we agree you have a viable truck accident claim, we get right to work on your case. There is no difference in the cost of our services whether you hire us two days from your accident or two months because we use a contingency fee structure. That means regardless of how long your claim takes, we collect nothing until you get a settlement.

There are no downsides to hiring a Washington State truck accident lawyer right after your accident, and it can help you with your recovery. Our goal is to put our clients' minds at ease by taking care of working with the insurance companies and trucking company to obtain and share information as we work toward a fair settlement.

You can concentrate on healing from your injuries while we concentrate on making sure your settlement covers your damages now and in the future.

If you or a loved one was recently injured in a truck accident, contact Max Meyers Law to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation: 425-399-7000.

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