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Bicyclists and pedestrians should always be diligent about staying safe around motor vehicles. An accident with a motor vehicle can be catastrophic for a pedestrian or bicyclist given the relative lack of protection for these individuals and the collision with a large motor vehicle. But pedestrians and bicyclists can also be involved in accidents with each other, and in some cases they can cause serious injuries.

In 2011, the New York Times published an article sharing that Hunter College professors found that more than 500 residents of New York City suffer injuries in bicycle accidents that require hospital care. They also found that about 1,000 pedestrians were seen at hospitals across the state after accidents with bicycles between 2007 and 2010: half were in New York City.

However, Tacoma sees many taking advantage of walking and biking paths, even in winter, which, although beneficial for health and financial reasons, can lead to unforeseen collisions and injuries.

Causes of Bicycle-Pedestrian Accidents

Many accidents that involve pedestrians and bicyclists involve bicycles riding at high speeds unable to avoid a pedestrian in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk. But a pedestrian might also cause an accident with a bicyclist. For example, a pedestrian may suddenly leave the sidewalk and walk in front of a bicyclist. Either the pedestrian or bicyclist may be at fault if impaired at the time of the wreck.

While the force of impact may not be as great as if either the pedestrian or bicyclist was in an accident with a motor vehicle, serious injuries may still occur.

Both pedestrians and bicyclists can suffer the following injuries.

  • Abrasions
  • Fractures
  • Head injuries

Claiming Compensation for a Bicycle-Pedestrian Accident

If you suffered injuries in an accident involving a pedestrian and bicyclist, you can hold the other party liable if that party's negligence caused the accident. The claimant must have sufficient evidence of the other party's fault as well as evidence linking the negligence to the claimant's injuries. There should be sufficient evidence of the damages the claimant suffered too.

An Attorney Can Help You Recover Compensation for Damages

An attorney can help claimants recover evidence like pedestrian or bike accident reports, medical bills, evidence of lost wages, and more. A lawyer can also help build the claim and handle any required paperwork and negotiations with an insurance company or defendant.

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