Different Types of Bicycles & Where to Ride Them

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Just as buying the right bicycle helmet is important if you plan to ride your bike around Bellevue, so too is buying the right kind of bike. If you are looking to buy a bicycle, there are several different types of bicycles available to you. You should make your choice based on the kind of riding you plan to do.

Before you buy a bicycle, ask yourself on what kind of surface you plan to ride the bike. Do you plan to ride in city parks or off-road? Do you plan to ride with friends or solo? There are different kinds of bicycles for different uses and needs.

Road Bikes & Touring Bikes

Road bikes are designed with thin tires, and are designed for use on smooth and paved roads. They're ideal for on-road bike racing, and are lighter than most other types of bicycles. These bikes are not meant for off-road use or for use on unpaved trails. They are also not meant for long trips with lots of gear or baggage. They do not handle loads very well. Road bikes are not designed with the kind of sturdiness you find on mountain bikes.

While similar, a touring bike may be a good option if you are going on a long trip with friends. These bikes are designed to carry heavier cargo and often have places on the bike where you can secure your cargo. Some bicycles may come with added room for cargo.

Mountain Bikes

These bikes are perfect for off-road riding or riding on unpaved trails. Bicyclists generally find them very comfortable to use, and they are also more affordable than many road bikes. They have wide tires, and a suspension that gives you a stable and smooth ride even on rough terrain. They're not as fast as road bikes, however.

Hybrid Bicycles & Cruisers

These combine the best features of road bikes and mountain bikes. They're very comfortable to ride on paved roads, as well as off-road terrain. However, they don't offer the speed of road bikes, or the high gear range of modern bikes.

A cruiser bike may have just a single gear and upright handlebars. They have a wide seat and tires, and are a perfect fit for many casual bicycle riders for whom comfort is key.

There are Still Many Other Different Types of Bicycles

Electric bikes are powered by motor or petrol engines, and are much heavier than a standard bicycle. Basically, these are bicycles that are designed for people who do not want to pedal.

Tandem bikes are multi-rider bicycles that allow families to ride together. They can be good for touring, especially, when one person in the family is not as good at riding as the others.

These are just a few of the different types of bicycles available, and those interested should consider their needs and for what they will use the bike. For example, if off-roading is important, a mounting bike may be sufficient. But if using the bike to commute to and from work, then the choices become wider because most bikes can ride on a flat, paved road.

In this case, ask yourself if you need a cargo area, if you need to ride up hills (find a bike with gears), and other aspects of your ride that affect bike choice.

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In spite of all precautions by bicyclists, accidents may still occur. In many cases, those accidents are the result of motorist error. If you suffered injuries in a bicycle accident in Bellevue because of a driver’s negligence, you may recover damages.

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