General Motors Recall: GM Faces New Ignition System Problems

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General Motors has issued another recall related to its ignition system. The previous GM recall issued in February stemmed from a problem that causes the ignition switch to shut off the vehicle while in operation. When the ignition shuts off, the engine shuts down and the airbags, power steering and anti-lock brakes fail. These problems either can cause accidents or may worsen injuries in an accident if airbags fail to deploy.

The New General Motors Recall

On the heels of the ignition switch recall comes the ignition lock cylinder recall. The key may be pulled from the ignition even when the engine is running. If a driver were to pull the key from the ignition believing the vehicle to be off and in park, the vehicle might roll away, especially if stopped on a hill. This can cause accidents affecting the driver of the vehicle, as well as other drivers and pedestrians in the area. There have been no reported injuries related to this defect, though GM has received hundreds of complaints.

The new recall affects all model years for the vehicles affected by the first recall. With this second recall, the vehicles GM recalled are:

  • Chevrolet Cobalt 2005-2010;
  • Chevrolet HHR 2006-2011;
  • Pontiac G5 2007-2010;
  • Pontiac Solstice 2006-2010;
  • Saturn Ion 2003-2007; and
  • Saturn Sky 2007-2010.


Altogether, GM expects the recall to cost $1.2 billion.

The Recall Process

Vehicle owners should receive notice that their vehicle is subject to the recall, but owners of any model year of these vehicles should contact their local dealership. Car owners can call the local dealer to schedule a replacement installation. Because there are millions of cars in need of repair, it may take months for dealers to finish all the repairs. Vehicle owners who do not want to drive the vehicle while waiting for a repair can request a loaner vehicle, which GM notes more than 20,000 drivers have done already.

While a driver is waiting for the repair to be scheduled, GM has advised the owners to take the ignition key off the key ring or remove any other items on the key ring to avoid any excess weight from the key ring. This means removing all keys, attachments and the key fob.

Recovering Compensation for a Defective Auto-related Accident

Drivers who were in an accident caused or made worse by this or other defects can file product liability lawsuits against auto manufacturers. If a company designs a product with an inherent danger when used normally, it can be responsible for the damages related to that danger.

Those considering filing a lawsuit should contact an attorney for help with their claim. Max Meyers Law can help Seattle drivers injured in auto accidents, including those related to product defects. Contact our office at 425-399-7000 to set up a free consultation about your case.

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