How to Handle Tailgaters

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Tailgating is a dangerous driver behavior that can quickly lead to a car accident – rear end collisions being the most prominent type. It almost seems as if there has been an increase in tailgating lately, most likely from distracted drivers looking at cell phones. If you’ve noticed the uptick in tailgating, here’s some info on how to handle tailgaters and if you want more information on dealing with other types of dangerous drivers and car crash tips and statistics, check out our car accident blog.

Change Lanes

The best solution to a tailgating driver is to only change lanes. However, make sure you do so safely and not impulsively; preemptively changing lanes can be even more dangerous than tailgating as sometimes drivers may make last-minute decisions to swerve around you. Always look to make sure there isn’t a car in your blind spot and signal prior to changing.

Don’t Tap Your Brakes

Brake tapping isn’t the solution to tailgating for more reasons than one. First, brake tapping can decrease the distance between you and the vehicle behind you, increasing the chances of an accident. Second, tapping your brakes may be interpreted as a sign of aggression on your part, upsetting the other driver and leading to an incident of road rage.

Manage Your Mood

A tailgating driver can be a major frustration, and may cause you to get a bit flustered. While giving into your emotions and experiencing an episode of road rage yourself can be tempting, remember that you’re in control. Take deep breaths, put on some great music, and get away from the other driver as quickly as possible while remaining safe. Never use inappropriate hand gestures, yell at the other driver, or swear as doing so can put you in a dangerous situation.

Report the Driver

If the other driver is acting dangerously, aggressively, or in a manner that you think is unsafe, you should report the driver to the proper authorities. Before placing a call, make sure you’re pulled over to a safe area of the roadway. If you believe that the driver is dangerous enough to warrant an emergency call, dial 911.

Otherwise, get the vehicle’s information and fill out a driver evaluation request form through the Washington State Department of Licensing.

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Take Legal Action

If another driver’s tailgating leads to an accident, you can file a claim for damages. To make sure that you get a fair settlement amount and all the money you need to pay for any harm sustained, call an attorney. At Max Meyers Law PLLC, our legal team is ready to work with you to get your claim resolved fast! For a free consultation, call our offices at 425-399-7000

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