Lumbar Spinal Injuries from Car Accidents

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Man Holding Lower Back Outside of CarIf you are suffering pain in your lower back or legs or the inability to control the muscles in your legs after a car crash, you might have a lumbar spinal injury. Lumbar spinal injuries from car accidents can be serious, and the lifetime costs of any spinal cord injury can be extensive for victims. 

If someone else caused your crash, you might be able to recover damages with a personal injury claim. In Washington, Max Meyers Law can help. Call our Washington auto accident lawyer at 425-399-7000 today for a free consultation and claim evaluation.

How You Can Sustain a Lumbar Spinal Injury in a Car Wreck

Your lumbar region is in your lower back, at the curve of your spine. You have five vertebrae in this region, called L-1, L-2, L-3, L-4, and L-5. The lumbar region of the spine connects your thoracic region to the sacral part of your spine.

You could suffer this type of spinal cord injury from a car accident if:

●You sustained a direct blow to the back;

●A foreign object pierced your lower back; or

●The force of the crash threw you violently around inside the vehicle or ejected you from the car.

Signs of a Lumbar Spinal Injury

After this type of back injury, you could experience symptoms like:

●A complete or partial loss of muscle control or feeling in your legs;

●Pain in your back or legs; and

●Weakness, numbness, and tingling in your legs.

You will not have symptoms in the areas controlled by nerves above the area of the injury. Since the lumbar region is in the lower back, you should still retain sensation and motor control in your arms.

If you have any concern about a spinal cord injury, get medical attention immediately. In spinal cord injury cases, is best to take an ambulance after a car accident to prevent further damage to your spine.

Treatment Options for Lumbar Spinal Injuries

There is currently no known way to reverse spinal cord damage. Medical professionals can only try to prevent further damage, stabilize the patient, and prepare them for the changes in their life.

Most spinal cord injury victims require emergency treatment immediately after the car accident. First responders will also take steps at the scene of the crash to immobilize the spine and prevent further injuries.

After receiving the necessary emergency treatment, most patients will likely be transferred to an intensive care unit or a spinal injury center. Most spinal cord injuries require surgical repair to remove bone fragments, fractured vertebrae, or other objects compressing the spinal cord, and to stabilize the spine. Then, the recuperation process begins.

Most of the recovery of functions take place within the first six months after the accident. After that, for another year or two, you might experience some limited improvements of abilities.

How a Lumbar Spinal Injury Can Impact Your Life

Lumbar spinal cord injuries are usually catastrophic and life-changing. Many people experience these long-term consequences:

●Paralysis, of either one or both legs;

●Loss of mobility and independence;

●Loss of feeling, numbness, or tingling in one or both legs;

●Weakness of one or both legs;

●Loss of bladder or bowel control;

●Chronic nerve pain with incomplete spinal cord injuries;

●Muscle or joint pain from using some muscle groups excessively to compensate for the inability to use others; and

●Depression and loss of enjoyment of life.

If someone’s negligence caused your car accident and your lumbar spinal injury, you might be able to recover compensation for these and other related losses.

Getting Damages for Your Lumbar Spinal Injury

You can file a claim for your damages even if your lumbar spinal injury in incomplete and you recuperate well with few lasting consequences. Any expense or loss related to the accident could be a part of your personal injury claim.

Your Medical Expenses

All of your reasonable medical bills for the treatment you needed because of the accident can be part of your claim. Your settlement can include money to pay for:

●The ambulance ride;

●Emergency room treatment;

●Doctor visits;


●Hospital stays;


●Physical therapy; and

●Prescription drugs.

You can also get damages for equipment and modifications you required because of your injuries, like wheelchairs, adaptive vehicles, and home modifications.

Compensation for Your Lost Income

If you missed work and lost wages because of the wreck, that can be part of your compensation claim.

Compensation for Your Pain and Suffering

Experiencing significant injuries in a car crash can cause physical pain and emotional suffering. You can get compensation for these damages.

Money for the Long-Term Consequences of Your Injury

After a lumbar spinal injury from a car accident, you might have to endure these repercussions for a long time:

●Ongoing medical treatment;

●Loss of function and mobility;

●Decreased earning potential;

●Loss of enjoyment of life; and

●Your spouse’s loss of consortium.

We can help you seek fair compensation for these losses.

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