What Should I Do If I Was Involved in a Tacoma Motorcycle Accident?

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Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyerIf you suffered injuries in a motorcycle wreck that was someone else’s fault, you can file a claim for your damages. Accident costs like medical expenses, lost income and benefits, and pain and suffering are all compensable.

Turn to Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyer Max Meyers for help with your claim. The accident team at Max Meyers Law, PLLC focuses on one thing — helping people who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in motorcycle and other vehicle accidents.

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Am I able to file a motorcycle accident claim?

Yes, if the other driver caused your injuries, you can file a motorcycle accident claim. Max will collect the evidence to establish that:

  • The other driver failed in his duty of care to keep you safe from undue harm/was negligent;
  • The at-fault driver’s negligence was the cause of the crash and your injuries; and
  • The damages you suffered were the result of the other driver’s negligence.

For example, if another driver did not check his blind spot before merging and hit you, Max will gather evidence to establish the driver was negligent in not checking his blind spot.

How are motorcycle accidents different from other traffic accidents?

The impact of a collision tends to cause more significant injuries in motorcycle accidents because people riding motorcycles do not have the frame of a car or truck to protect them from the other vehicle. These injuries are even more severe for motorcycle riders who go airborne after the initial crash.

Motorcyclists need more medical interventions and extended time away from work to recover from these severe injuries, which also have a higher rate of long-term disability. Higher medical bills and more wages and benefits lost total up to much higher damages in these cases. Although the process for handling a motorcycle injury claim is the same as for any accident, the extensive damages can result in higher settlement values.

How will Max prove the other driver caused the wreck?

To prove the other driver caused the accident, Max with gather all available evidence and build a convincing case for the insurer. Max will:

  • Retrieve the police report and follow up with the responding officer on any aspects that need clarification or supplemental reporting. He will also verify the accuracy of the police report by checking out the crash scene.
  • Interview eyewitnesses about the other driver’s behavior to see if he was distracted, tailgating, speeding, or driving carelessly.
  • Investigate whether the at-fault driver was under the influence or drowsy.
  • Subpoena the driver’s cell phone records to determine whether the driver was using his cell phone at the time of the crash.

Drivers who cause wrecks will often fabricate a different version of how the crash happened. Max can work with accident reconstruction experts to get scientific proof of what caused the wreck. Because we focus on motorcycle accidents, we know what evidence we need to establish your claim.

Where do most motorcycle accidents happen in Tacoma?

Major roads and highways in Tacoma, such as SR-7, I-705, I-5, and SR-16, are the most dangerous places for motorcyclists. There were 92 chopper crashes in the Tacoma area in 2016, of which 68 involved injuries or fatalities, reports the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).

How much is my motorcycle crash settlement worth?

Every case is unique, so it is impossible to state how much a motorcycle accident settlement should be without discussing your case first. Max will analyze your medical bills, lost income and benefits, and decreased earning potential. He will also add any medical problems, disfigurement, or disability you continually suffer.  

After Max compiles all the evidence to prove your damages, he will calculate the total settlement value of your case, which will include a fair amount for your pain and suffering and other emotional damages. He might use your medical records, rehabilitation and physical therapy progress notes, reports from specialist consultations, vocational expert reports, and your employment records to establish your claim.

What should I do after a motorcycle collision in Tacoma?

Once you legally and safely leave the scene of your motorcycle accident, you should take these steps for the good of your health and your liability claim:

Get prompt medical attention. Your local hospitals are St. Joseph Medical Center, located at 1717 South J Street, Tacoma, WA 98405 (253-426-4101) and MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital, located at 315 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Tacoma, WA 98405 (253-403-1000). You can also head to one of Tacoma’s urgent care centers and walk-in clinics.

  1. Report the accident to your insurance company. Be sure to talk with Max Meyers Law, PLLC before signing anything or giving the insurance company a recorded statement.
  2. Do not make the mistake of saying anything the insurance company could misinterpret as an admission of fault or guilt.
  3. Call Tacoma motorcycle accident lawyer, Max Meyers, so he and his team can handle your injury claim and protect your rights.

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The personal injury team at Max Meyers Law has been helping injured people in Washington for over 15 years. If someone else caused you to suffer injuries from any of the following, call us for help with your claim: 425-399-7000

  • Car accidents: According to WSDOT, there were over 5,000 car wrecks in Tacoma in 2016, with more than 1,500 potential injuries and 21 fatalities.
  • Large truck accidents: WSDOT recorded 150 large truck crashes in Tacoma, with 27 possible injuries and one fatality.
  • Bicycle accidents: All but three of the 60 bicycle crashes in Tacoma involved possible injuries.
  • Pedestrian accidents: The 120 pedestrian accidents in Tacoma resulted in 107 potential injuries and eight fatalities.

Being injured in an accident can create many challenges for your health, finances, and family. Do not take on the insurance company alone. Let Max Meyers and his team handle your claim for you.

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