Tips on Teen Driving for Seattle Parents

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Seeing your teen get behind the wheel of a car for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. To help quell your fears and help your teen learn how to drive safely, here’s a list of tips on teen driving.

Lead by Example

While it can be difficult—after all, you’ve been driving for years and have established driving habits— to match your behavior to what the driving manual teaches your kid.

Focus first on these basic skills that you may not think about anymore.

  • Go the speed limit
  • Use your turn signal every time
  • Keep your hands at ten and two
  • Ignore distractions like a ringing phone
  • Control road rage
  • Exercising patience: let other cars merge at driveways
  • Leave adequate following distance


Because teens often learn directly from their parents, your behavior behind the wheel could have a great effect on theirs.

Set Some Boundaries

If your teen just got his or her license, there’s no doubt that he or she is pretty excited about this newfound freedom and driving ability.

However, setting some boundaries as a parent of a new teen driver is critical to safety.

  • Insist that the cell phone is stored away when behind the wheel: texting and driving facts show that 20 percent of teens admit to multi-message texting while driving
  • Limit the amount of passengers allowed in the car
  • Emphasize the importance of wearing a seatbelt
  • Have a conversation about reasonable driving hours

Be Patient and Positive

Learning to drive for the first time is a fun experience for most teens, but it can also be a stressful one too. What won’t help is anxiety, tension, or negative energy from you over your teen’s driving errors.

Instead, be patient with your teen and gently explain mistakes and how they could make improvements. Focusing on the positive aspects of their driving behavior is also important. Also, make sure that you and your teen are practicing in a safe place that isn’t highly trafficked, such as an empty parking lot. Never take a teen to the open road before s/he is ready.

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