Winter Risks for Pedestrians in Tacoma

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Winter poses special risks to pedestrians. Visibility is low, there may be more traffic and winter weather may compromise walking surfaces, increasing the risk of injuries in an accident. All types of bad weather increase accident dangers, but there are special winter risks for pedestrians in Tacoma that everybody should know.

Reduced Visibility

During winter, pedestrians may find it more challenging to walk because of poor visibility and darkness. Snowstorms can make a bad situation worse, making it hard for a pedestrian to interpret accident cues or see vehicles in time to avoid an accident. And it's not just pedestrians who suffer from impaired visibility in winter. Motorists also may find it hard to spot a pedestrian, especially when driving at night in poorly lit areas.

Additionally, bulky clothing that pedestrians might wear during winter may bog them down. Hats and caps can restrict visibility. A person wearing a hooded jacket may have lowered peripheral vision, reducing his or her ability to spot a vehicle approaching from the side.

Higher Volumes of Traffic

Winter typically coincides with the year’s peak traveling season. The season kicks in during Thanksgiving and continues over the next few weeks. During the holiday season, families may travel to visit others more often, which could increase traffic volume.

Holiday shopping could increase vehicle traffic around shopping areas and could increase pedestrian traffic. The higher numbers of vehicles, as well as pedestrians, can increase the risk of an accident.

Poor Walking Surfaces

Winter in Tacoma means sidewalks covered with rain, ice and snow. A person walking on a slippery sidewalk is less likely to make an emergency change of direction in time to avoid an accident. Older pedestrians may find it even more difficult to get out harm’s way on a slippery surface, so elderly pedestrians should be extra cautious during the winter.

Further, slippery conditions can simply increase the risk of a slip and fall accident on a sidewalk, in a parking lot, in front of a store, etc.

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