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Injuries from an accident involving a semi-truck and a car can be devastating for the occupants of the passenger vehicle. When you consider the average vehicle weighs around 5,000 pounds, and a fully loaded transport truck legally can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, it is simple to see why these types of accidents are extremely dangerous. In fact, according to data collected in 2012 by the Washington State Department of Transportation, an accident between a car and a commercial vehicle is 3.5 times more likely to result in a fatality than a collision between two passenger vehicles. Even if there were no fatalities, injuries are often more severe and require longer recovery times.

For victims of Redmond semi-truck accidents, a lawyer can be a vital ally when pursuing compensation for damages. Trucking companies may fight allegations of its driver's negligence, which can make these difficult cases.

Proving Liability after a Semi-Truck Accident in Redmond

The truck driver may be liable for the accident, in which case, the trucking company employing the driver is also liable for damages. To establish liability, accident victims must present valid evidence of the driver's fault.

Semi-trucks take longer to stop than normal passenger vehicles, given their larger size. Eyewitnesses may testify that a truck driver was following another car too closely and crashed into the rear of the vehicle when it hit the brakes. In some cases, an accident reconstructionist can recreate the accident scene to determine the factors surrounding the crash.

Other factors to examine include driver qualification, alcohol or drug test results, and even whether the trucker was fatigued. Your attorney can help you recover this evidence from the trucking company. He or she may send a spoliation letter to prevent destruction of the evidence. After all, motor carriers may destroy certain records after a particular time period – they may destroy hours-of-service records after six months, for example.

Other parties might be liable as well. A truck manufacturer may be liable if a mechanical flaw caused the accident. A mechanic may be similarly liable if an inadequate repair contributed to the wreck. Your semi-truck accident lawyer can help you determine the liable party or parties.

Assessing Injuries and Costs from a Semi-Truck Accident in Redmond

Due to the amount of force involved in these collisions, injuries are often very severe. Accident victims may suffer serious injuries like brain damage, crushed limbs and internal organ damage. Victims often face months -- if not years -- of pain and suffering, restricted movement, physical therapy and loss of wages. When filing a claim against a trucking company or other party, make sure it fully accounts for long-term costs associated with the Redmond semi-truck accident. Your lawyer can work with you to ensure you arrive at a proper estimation of current and future damages.

When should I speak with an attorney?

Due to the severity of personal injury and property damage after a semi-truck accident, contact an attorney as soon as possible. You can be sure that the truck company and insurance company have their lawyers working on this case very shortly after the accident, so it makes sense to have a lawyer working for your side as well.

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