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If you or a loved one were injured in a semi-truck accident, you will likely be eligible to pursue compensation for your damages. In most semi-truck cases, victims file a claim or a lawsuit against the trucking company. Because trucking companies often have legal teams backing them up, enlist the help of your own attorney as soon as possible to begin working on developing your case.                                     

Determining Liability in a Truck Accident

It's not always easy to determine who was at fault in truck accidents. In addition to the drivers and trucking company, a number of parties might play a part in liability, including:

  • parts manufacturers;
  • the truck’s leasing company;
  • the owner of the leasing company; and
  • the truck owner.


Assessing and assigning fault is paramount in a semi-truck accident case because it’s liability that helps determine settlement awards. To get a clear picture of who was at fault for the accident, your attorney can look at evidence such as:

  • maintenance records;
  • accident reports;
  • photographs and footage of the crash site;
  • the truck driver’s logs, including the hours worked and the truck’s weigh-ins;
  • who was responsible for the truck when the accident occurred;
  • the truck’s and trailer’s history;
  • the relationship between the company and the driver;
  • whether the driver or company broke any local or federal laws;
  • accident reconstructionist reports; and
  • any potential manufacturing defects.

When Insurance Isn’t Sufficient to Cover Your Damages

When you’re involved in a truck accident, it’s quite likely that your own car insurance will not be sufficient to cover the full extent of your damages. Further, Washington is a fault-based insurance state, so you can pursue damages against the other party – in this case, the trucker and his or her employer – who is at fault for your accident.

You deserve full compensation for your losses when you’ve been injured due to another party’s careless or negligent actions. A lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf; if the insurer does not offer a reasonable settlement, your lawyer can argue your case in court.

How a Lawyer Can Benefit Your Case

Given the large scale of these cases, it’s ill-advised for victims to try to handle them pro se, or to self-represent. A lawyer’s knowledge and strategies can help you pursue the best possible settlement.

A lawyer will be able to:

  • collect evidence;
  • argue fault;
  • effectively demonstrate your injuries;
  • make sure all of your damages are accounted for;
  • negotiate your settlement;
  • file all the necessary paperwork; and
  • advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities throughout the entire claims process.

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