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  • Is There Insurance That Will Pay Your Medical Bills Even If the Accident Is Your Fault?
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Buying Car Insurance Book

Car Insurance Buying Secrets Unlocked

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I have written this book so consumers have good information about the basics of insurance policies. I believe this information will help you protect your family against irresponsible drivers. After speaking with my clients, friends, and family and asking them what they knew about their own car insurance policies, I discovered the insurance industry has done a poor job of educating its consumers. As you will see, in my opinion this is not a mistaken oversight on the part of the insurance industry. Rather, there appears to be a deliberate attempt to keep consumers in the dark about the most important car and motorcycle insurance they could buy.

Car Insurance Buying Secrets Unlocked is loaded with information that is helpful to anyone who wants to have the best protection for their family. Most people don't know what insurance coverages are key to protecting you and your family in case of a serious auto accident. This book unlocks the secrets insurance companies will never tell you.

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