Max eased all the pressure I felt and I knew he had my back

My husband was hit by another driver and killed while riding his motorcycle just 3 months after his retirement.  I needed someone to help me deal with this traumatic accident and guide me through the process of what I needed to do.

A friend of Max's recommended him to me.  I made a friend with Max and he made me comfortable and made the process as smooth as can be.  Max eased all of the pressure that I felt and I knew he had my back.

Max really had to go to bat for me because the person who hit my husband didn't have insurance.  I never had to talk to the insurance company and Max handled all of that so it didn't keep bringing up emotions I had from the accident.  He has a big heart and puts you at ease.  Max is the best!

Max Meyers
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Max is a Kirkland personal injury attorney handling cases in Seattle, King County & surrounding in WA State.