Max understands what bikers are looking for and the lifestyle we live.

On the day of the accident I was driving down the road and a car turned in front of me. I was riding 35 miles per hour and hit the car and slid down the road for a while. Totaled my motorcycle and hurt me pretty good.

I was taken away in an ambulance and taken to the hospital.  First, I had some head problems, a headache, and some neck problems.  Once it was all said and done I had back issues, my lower back, and some muscle damage.  I have learned to live with it, I have not fully recovered, potentially never recover, I just put up with back pain for the rest of my life.

A day or two after the accident I thought hey the insurance company will just pay my bike off and pay for my medical bills and everything will be hunky dorey like a normal accident.

I started getting hassled and they (the insurance company) were not paying things off.  I hired another attorney at first and they would not call me back, so that’s when I found Max and told him my situation and what I wanted. He said it was no big deal and he would take care of me. 

My claim went 2 ½ years almost 3 years, he called me once a month, told me what was going on.  There are portions of the case where nothing happens, goes on forever but he still would call me and say hey this is what’s happening.  So that’s why I switched attorneys and very happy I did.

Max got me what i wanted, all my bills were paid which was the huge deal I was looking for.  I didn’t want to go into debt or lose my house over this.  My bike was paid off, Max took care of that right off the bat.

I was very happy. And then when I thought my case was settled with the at-fault driver and over, I get a check for more money.  Max kept fighting for me and got me more so it was real nice.

I would definitely recommend Max to other bikers.  He understands what we are looking for and the lifestyle we live; and that we are not going to give up riding just because we are in an accident.

I would definitely recommend Max, he definitely fights for the biker, fights against the insurance company.  Insurance companies don’t like us (bikers) for sure, I would definitely recommend him.