$3.2 Million for 9 Year-Old Girl Killed in Semi Truck Accident

On the morning of July 20, 2011 Samantha Paul was driving her two daughters to daycare when a tragic, preventable semi truck crash claimed the life of her 9 year-old daughter Rachel Beckwith and changed Paul's life forever.  

Paul was stopped in heavy traffic on I-90 in the exit lane to Northbound I-405 waiting for traffic to merge onto I-405 heading into Bellevue, WA.  Traffic was backed up for a good half mile from the I-405 exit.

Two semi trucks approached the stopped traffic, semi truck #1 was in the lane that was stopped while semi truck #2 was behind by several hundred feet in the next lane over. Both semi truck drivers realized semi truck #1 had no time to stop and a crash was going to happen.  Semi truck #2 had an opportunity to change lanes to give semi truck #1 room to also change lanes but didn't for some unknown reason. Semi truck #1 tried to change lanes but hit semi truck #2 then smashed into the line of stopped cars causing a 24 car pile-up.  

Police estimated semi truck #1 was traveling at about 60 mph when the crash began.  Tragically the end result of the massive pile up was a beautiful 9 year-old little girl lost her life after three days in the hospital.

Defendants Agree To Settle Before Trial

Semi Truck #1 and its insurance company after filing a lawsuit and deposing its driver tender its $1 Million in policy limits. Semi truck #2 and its insurance company maintained their driver had no portion of fault in the crash crash and that they were not liable for the damages suffered by the plaintiff and her surviving family members.

However, semi truck #2's position changed as trial approached and they agreed to settle the case instead of allowing it to be heard by a jury. 

In total, Max Meyers successfully recovered a $3.2 million settlement for Rachel's mother and father. 

Case Summary:

We were able to successfully recovered a $3,200,000 settlement for the Estate of Rachel Beckwith after a semi truck crash on Interstate 90 took the life of 9 year-old Rachel.


Rachel's story touched a nation and global community!

Tragedy Was Turned into Hope and Light

Out of Loss Arose Life



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