Should you Take a Quick Settlement after a Car Accident?

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The quick answer... is it depends on the situation.  The severity of your injuries suffered in a car accident or other vehicle accident determine if a quick settlement id a good idea.  

Generally, a quick settlement when you're injured in a Washington car accident is not a good idea, at least not until you have consulted with an experienced injury attorney first.

Settling your case while your still injured can have serious repercussions for you down the road.  Always consult with an experienced car accident attorney before agreeing to a settlement.  Consultations are free with most Washington injury attorneys.

Watch the video to see what are some things to think about before taking a quick settlement offered by an insurance company.  

If you've been injured a car accident, and aren't sure what to do, or what to say to the insurance adjuster. Stop, and order my book Car Accident Secrets Unlocked before signing any forms or giving a recorded statement. Or if you need help now call 425-399-7000.

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