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VIP Program

Max Meyers Law is excited to announce the launch of our exclusive VIP Program!


VIP members receive special benefits and have access to free legal services, as well as entry into regular Max Meyers Law contests and giveaways.  VIP members also receive access to a special hotline to call the firm.

Become a VIP Member today!

It has been an honor serving this community, and I want to give back with a free membership program for our closest friends. 

As a VIP member, your will enjoy the following benefits:

A VIP Member Card

Keep this card handy in your wallet so that you have our number close by just in case!

FREE Consumer Contract Review

Do you have a new lease or contract to sign and want an attorney to take a look?  We will review your family or small business contracts and other documents for you for free.  If you need a reference to an experienced attorney in another area of practice, we will help you find the right lawyer for your situation.

FREE Notary Service

We will notarize your documents for free at our Kirkland office.  No need to run down to the bank to wait in line and pay unnecessary fees.  Contact us at [email protected] ahead of time or call us on the VIP Hotline to make sure our notary is available.

FREE Insurance Policy Review

Do you have enough insurance if someone gets hurt in your home, vehicle, or place of business?  Don’t wait until an accident happens…send us your insurance policies and questions for review.

FREE 15-minute Attorney Consult on ANY legal issues

Do you have a question that requires talking with a lawyer?  Are you worried you will be charged fees for simply asking a question?  Give us a call.  We will listen to your story and give you our best advice.  If it is not a legal matter that we can help with, we will refer you to an experienced attorney who can help.

FREE Entry into Max Meyers Law giveaways and contests

As a VIP member, you are automatically entered into our contests and giveaways we run throughout the year!

Become A VIP Member!

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