Max was great! He was always there to answer my questions.

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My family and I were on our way home from a summer trip to Portland, Oregon.  I was driving north on Interstate 205 near Vancouver, WA when I saw a motorcyclist in front of me that was really wobbly.  I was in the middle lane with traffic all around, so I hit my breaks to avoid hitting the motorcyclist.  The car that was behind me wasn’t paying attention and smashed into me at full speed.

After the accident, I had bad pain in my neck and back.  I sought help for the pain by going in to see my family doctor, a chiropractor and went to physical therapy.  My back hurt for a long time after the accident.   The recovery process was painful.  I am a pretty active person, so there were lots of things I couldn’t do for many months after the accident. 

I had worked for an insurance company for several years, so I had a lot of experience with understanding the process of working with an insurance company, but I had never experienced working with an insurance company from being on the “injured” side.  When I dealt with the insurance company on my own it did not go well.  I did not feel that I was being treated fairly by the insurance company.  It was also very time consuming to deal with them, and I didn’t really have time for it.

I was referred to Max by a friend.  I had called different attorneys and each one was giving me different information.  I wanted to go with someone I could trust, so I contacted Max. 

Max was great!  He was always there to answer my questions.  The best part about working with Max was that he was very honest, so I knew what was going on and what I was getting myself into.  He was there every step of the way and I felt I was in good hands working with Max.

My advice to someone who has been in an accident is to not try to negotiate with insurance companies on your own!  They have no interest in you and are worried about their own interests.  They will not go out of their way to make sure you are fully compensated.

If you need a car accident attorney, I would definitely recommend Max!

Irene, Bellevue, WA