Bike Everywhere Challenge Coming to Seattle in May

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From May 1st through the 31st, Washington State bike enthusiasts can participate in the Bike Everywhere Challenge, a part of May’s Bike Everywhere Month, by tracking any bike rides they take that are .1 miles or more long.

What is Bike Everywhere Month?

Washington Bikes’ Bike Everywhere Month, previously hosted by Cascade Bicycle Club, encourages both new and seasoned riders to hop on a bike and meet other riders in the area.

The month-long celebration has new riding classes for beginners and trip-tracking challenges and prizes for more skilled riders. Scheduled classes include bicycle repairs and maintenance, in addition to a wide variety of events including scavenger hunts.

Riders may participate in the challenge individually or in teams. Participants can form teams and register online.

What can people do to participate in Bike Everywhere Month?

Those fully committed to the cause can do exactly what the challenge says — bike everywhere. For those who want to celebrate but are not ready to spend the entire month of May on two wheels? Have no fear; there is another option.

F5 Bike Everywhere Day is May 20, 2016. No team registration, membership, or experience is required. All that you need to do is get on a bike and ride.

Organizers actually suggest making Bike Everywhere Day your first ride “because no matter where you're riding from, we'll be out there with you. Celebration stations and experienced riders along major routes will ensure that encouragement, support, and fun are never in short supply.”

Participation can be through any social media outlet with the #BikeEverywhere hashtag, just remember to wait until you have stopped your bike and are somewhere safe before you post that picture on Instagram or check for retweets!

Participants can form leagues, select team captains, and choose to engage fully in the competition. Rides count whether they are work commutes, for fun or pleasure, or even for partial rides as long as each ride logged is .1 miles or more.

For riders nervous about biking for the first time or about biking alone: there will be celebration stations and supportive peers around the city all day.

Also, for our newer riders: before getting on your bike, take time to read our guide to biking in Seattle and stay safe out there.

For more information about bike safety in Seattle, check out our library and blog.

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