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Our personal injury law firm works tirelessly on cases involving motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, truck accidents and car accidents in Kirkland, WA and the surrounding area.

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We have established a set of 7 Core Values on how we operate internally and with our clients.  We take these very they are:


  • God, Family, Work – We believe that God takes center stage in our lives.  A strong spiritual life leads to a happy family life, which leads to happy customers.​


  • Commitment To Excellent Client Service – We deliver excellent customer service by responding to our client’s needs and requirements.  We are here to help you make the best decision possible, but nothing happens without your approval and you are kept in the loop 100% about the status of your case.  We are here to serve you, period.


  • Come As Client, Leave As Family – We build strong relationships with our clients and genuinely care about what is going on in their lives.  You will often see us use the term “Max Meyers Law Family” in our articles and newsletters.  This refers to everyone we have had the opportunity to help…because we truly feel you are family.


  • Empower Through Education – We have free books that Max has created to educate people that might have a legal issue.  Our books are about car, motorcycle, bicycle/pedestrian accidents, buying car insurance, and finding the right lawyer for your case. Knowledge is power and we know accident victims often want information before talking to a lawyer.  We give books away freely because we believe in educating consumers before they talk to lawyers.  For a copy of your free book visit .​


  • Lift The BurdenWhen your life has been turned upside down by injuries in an accident, stress and worry become constant companions.  We want to play a significant role in restoring our client's quality of life, to bring them peace of mind during this tough time, and help them get their bills paid, secure fair compensation, and avoid financial ruin.  When an accident victim works with an experienced personal injury lawyer, the stress is often greatly reduced, allowing you to focus on the healing and recovery process.


  • Do The Right Thing – We conduct ourselves fairly, honestly, and we honor our commitments with integrity and respond.  Here at Max Meyers Law, we play by the rules, applying them consistently to ourselves and to others.  We believe that you deserve a lawyer and legal team that uses the highest ethics.​


  • Access To Your Attorney – You will always have direct access to your attorney.  Your case will not be pushed off on a paralegal to handle alone.  Max Meyers Law functions as a team.  Our legal assistants, paralegals and lawyers all work together to deliver the best service possible. 


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