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When your child suffers a serious injury, nothing becomes more important than doing everything you can to make sure your child recovers. When the injury was caused in an accident by the negligence of another person, holding that person responsible and accountable is important. Every child injured in an accident deserves to have someone fighting for justice on their behalf. In Washington state a child’s parent or guardian is allowed to work with a child injury attorney on their behalf.

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What Parents Should Know About Washington State Child Injury Claims

Accident injury claims for children are significantly different than adult injury claims. An adult must act for a child, usually a parent, when making a claim following an accident. Children cannot hire an attorney on their own, a parent or guardian must do that for them.

The Statute of Limitations for children under the age of 18 is longer than for adults. However, it’s important to speak with an experienced child injury attorney soon after the accident if your child is seriously injured.

Mental and physical health claims can be made by the parents themselves if they are responsible for paying the child’s medical bills and provide care for the child while recovering. Parents may be able to make a claim for work wages lost because they had to take time off work to care for their injured child. Severely injured children may be able to make a claim for future lost wages because they cannot work or their job opportunities may be limited.

Legal Standards in Washington State Child Injury Claims

Children have different legal standards that apply to them – much different than adults. Some children (very young) can never be responsible for their own actions. Proving negligence of another person is the most important matter. The circumstances of how the injury happened is the biggest factor in determining negligence. Getting the help of a child injury attorney quickly is the best way to make sure your child’s potential injury claim is protected.

An accident settlement for a child must be reviewed and approved by the court, even if a lawsuit has not been filed. There are rules on when a child cannot receive settlement funds, sometimes they have to wait until they turn 18 years old. The court often requires settlement funds be placed in a trust account for the child. A special guardian is also appointed to review any settlement involving a child. In a wrongful death claim, a parent is usually appointed to represent the child in any lawsuits.

Do You Need the Help of a Child Injury Attorney at Max Meyers Law Now?

Legal claims involving children are often more complicated due to the serious physical and emotional injuries suffered. Children often are still developing and heal at much different rates than adults. A permanent injury may not become clear until years after the accident. Children may also not be able to explain the effects of a permanent injury for years following the accident. That’s why it a good idea to seek legal help sooner than later when your child is seriously injured.

If you wait too long to seek the advice of an attorney critical evidence can be lost forever. Some cases require investigations be performed as soon as possible after the accident causing the injury. You don’t have to hire an attorney to figure out if your child’s case is one of these. Our attorneys are happy to give a free consult over the phone or in person to help you figure out what action may be needed now for your child’s injury case.

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