City of Redmond Offers Some Bicycle Safety Tips

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Motorists can expect to find more bicyclists on Redmond streets over the next few weeks. With spring here and summer not too far behind, the warmer weather will lure Redmond bicyclists outdoors. Bicycling has long been a favorite activity in our city, because there is an extensive bike lane track across the city, providing optimum conditions for bicyclists.

Bicycle Safety Tips

There are some things that bicyclists in Redmond must keep in mind over the next few weeks. Although the city provides splendid conditions for bicyclists, the fact also is that there will be times when you cannot avoid riding in proximity to motor vehicles. Sometimes, bicyclists try to get around this by riding on the sidewalk.

Sidewalk riding can be more dangerous than it seems, especially when you want to come down the path and rejoin the street as motorists may not anticipate that maneuver. Besides, on the sidewalk you are at a very high risk of colliding with a pedestrian, which can result in injuries. Driveways also pose a threat when riding on sidewalks because, unfortunately, many drivers don't stop when reversing out of drives.

Before beginning a trip, go through a bicycle map, and determine the route that is safest and most convenient for you. Ride in the face of oncoming traffic, and wear helmets at all times. Wearing the right safety gear doesn’t end at helmets, either. Gloves, lights, and bright colors are also important.

It is important for other motorists to see you, and wearing a bright neon-colored helmet can increase these chances. Also wear fluorescent clothes, bags, and other accessories. Keep nighttime riding to a minimum. If you must ride a bike at night then install a white light on the front of your bike and a red light on the rear.

Remember, that as a bicyclist, you must adhere to the same rules and regulations as motorists. Obey all traffic signs to remain safe. Motorists are far likely to know your next course of action if you are in compliance with the rules. Signal your intentions before you make a U-turn, and look out for motorists before making emergency maneuvers on the road.

Continued Learning about Bicycling on Our Blog or in Our Office

To learn more about how you can bike safely during summer, look for more information and tips on our bicycle accident blog.

We hope you have a safe bicycling season, but if you are ever involved in an accident, speak with bicycle accident lawyer Max Meyers at our firm to determine your legal options for compensation. Call 425-399-7000 to speak with attorney Meyers today. 

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