Herniated Disc from Car Accidents

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While not the most severe injury type, people who get a herniated disc from car accidents can leave them in large amounts of pain. This pain can prevent people from doing the things that they love most, and may even keep them from doing their jobs and earning a living. When the cause of your herniated disc injury is a car accident, take action to get a fair settlement amount to pay for damages.

What is a herniated disc injury?

In your back, you have 26 vertebrae that are the bones that make up the spine. In between each vertebra, you have discs. These discs help to protect the vertebrae from movement and physical stress. A herniated disc injury, then, refers to an injury in one of these discs. When a herniated disc injury occurs, the most common symptom is pain or numbness.

Sometimes, pain and discomfort can be severe enough to prevent you from being able to do many of your regular activities, especially if you work in a hands-on industry or are active.

How does a car accident cause a herniated disc?

There are two primary ways that a car accident can cause a herniated disc injury. First, the car accident may place stress on the back because you hurt another part of your body. Because of the unnatural stress on the spine, over time, this injury may develop into a herniated disc injury.

The second way that a car accident can cause a herniated disc injury is by causing trauma to the spine that is severe enough to cause an acute injury. When a car stops suddenly, for example, this jerking movement can put sudden force on discs, causing them to herniate. When you have a herniated disc the interior of the vertebrae leaks out.

Recovery Time for a Herniated Disc

Very few herniated disc injuries require surgery to correct. Usually, rest and medication are all the treatment that’s necessary. Often times, therapy will also be used in conjunction with these treatment types. Usually, recovery occurs in full in no more than six weeks.

Who’s liable?

While chances of a full recovery are good, if you have to miss work while recovering from your injury, and if you have to seek medical treatment, bills can add up. As such, it’s likely that you have questions about how you might afford to pay for your injury. By determining who was at fault for the car accident—and proving it—you can hold the at-fault party liable. The more severe your injury, the more likely you may need an attorney after a car accident. Proving liability and ensuring you don’t get shortchanged by the insurance company are jobs best left to professionals.

Next Steps

After a car accident, the next step is notifying your insurance company, gathering evidence, and then calling a lawyer. The attorneys at Max Meyers Law PLLC can help you to prove fault and liability, getting you the damages amount you need. Before you accept a settlement amount, make sure you give us a call at 425-242-5595 or fill out our contact form.

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