Bike Accidents on the Rise Again in Seattle

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The city of Seattle has made great advancements in reducing the number of bike fatalities, and promoting a safer bicycling environment. However, in spite of those efforts, statistics indicate a disturbing trend. Bike accident – fatalities – in the city seem to be back on the increase again.

Seattle Bicycle Crash Statistics

An analysis of data involving bike accident fatalities in 2014 indicates that there was an increase in the number of accidents in the city by a total of 34 collisions. Overall, the rate of accidents for every 1,000 bicyclists also increased slightly.

According to the statistics reported by KING 5, an NBC affiliate, there were 457 car/bike accidents reported in 2014. In 2010, there were 366 bike accidents recorded in the city. That was before the city embarked on an ambitious bicycle lane expansion program, resulting in a total of seven new bicycle lanes. Logically, the increase in bikers leads to an increase in bike accidents in Seattle. 

The city has worked to attract larger numbers of cyclists by implementing the following measures.

National Increase in Bicycle Fatalities

The increase in bicycle accident fatalities in 2014 seems to mirror a nationwide trend in which there was an increase in bicycle fatalities across the country. The Governors’ Highway Safety Association reported that over a three-year period, there was an increase in the proportion of bicycle fatalities in the larger motor vehicle accident death toll. In 2014, that percentage jumped to 14 percent of the total motor vehicle death toll.

An increase in bicycle accidents automatically translates into an increase in fatalities, because these accidents typically result in serious injuries. There is very little protecting a bicyclist from severe head and neck injuries, spinal injuries, crushing injuries and other injuries that can cause severe blood loss, trauma, and death.

To learn more about how you can ride safely on Seattle streets, including riding as part of the city's bike share program, check out our bicycle and pedestrian accidents blog.

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