Non-Bike Routes in Washington

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Washington provides some of the most prime conditions for bicycling anywhere in the United States. However, a bicyclist cannot bike anywhere he pleases. The Washington State Department of Transportation restricts or cordons off certain areas to prevent bicyclist access. This may be because of construction on the road or other factors that make riding on it dangerous, like close proximity to high-speed traffic.

As a cyclist, know where not to ride your bike in Washington. For example, I-90 at Snoqualmie Pass is a non-bike route in Washington starting at Hyak I/C (Exit 54) to Stampede Pass I/C (Exit 62). An alternate route is the John Wayne Pioneer Trail.

Below are some other areas restricted to bicyclists.

Tri-Cities Area

  • State Route 395 in Kennewick from State Route 240 I/C to Court St. (Pasco).
  • State Route 240 in Richland from Yakima River Bridge to Richland Wye. Bicyclists can use a parallel bike trail instead.

Vancouver Area

  • Interstate 5 in Vancouver on Interstate Bridge. Bicyclists can use the sidewalk instead.
  • Interstate 5 Vancouver from Columbia River to Junction with I-205.
  • Interstate 205 in Vancouver from State Line to State Route 14 (Exit 27). Bicyclists must use trail.

Greater Seattle

  • State Route 522 in Bothell from East of I-405 to State Route 202 I/C.
  • State Route 18 in Federal Way from State Route 161 to West Valley Highway (SR 181).
  • Interstate 5 from Lakewood to Marysville from South to Gravelly Lake I/C (Exit 124), North to 4th St. I/C (Exit 199).
  • State Route 518 SeaTac to Tukwila from 25th Ave. S I/C to I-5.
  • State Route 99 in Seattle from S. Spokane St. to the end of the Battery St. Tunnel.
  • State Route 520 from Seattle to Bellevue, from I-5 (Exit 168) to NE 148th St. I/C. A trail runs parallel to 520 for parts of this route starting at NE 80th St.
  • State Route 599 in South Seattle from I-5 (Exit 156) to S. 133rd St. I/C.
  • Interstate 90 from Seattle to Issaquah at the beginning of the route to Front Street N. (Exit 17).
  • Interstate 405 Tukwila to Lynnwood – the entire route is closed to bicyclists.


  • Interstate 5 from Lakewood to Marysville, from Gravelly Lake I/C (Exit 124) North to 4th St. I/C (Exit 199).
  • State Route 16 in Tacoma from I-5 (Exit 132) to Sprague Avenue.
  • State Route 16 in Tacoma from Westbound Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
  • Interstate 705 in Tacoma, the entire route is closed for bicyclists, including the Route 7 extension.

Mount Vernon, Marysville, and Spokane

  • Interstate 5 in Mount Vernon from College Way I/C (Exit 227) to Geo. Hopper I/C (Exit 229).
  • Interstate 5 from Lakewood to Marysville, from 4th St. I/C (Exit 199) South to Gravelly Lake I/C (Exit 124).
  • State Route 2 in Spokane from N. Foothills Drive to N. Division Wye.
  • State Route 2 in Spokane from Airport Way I/C to I-90 (Exit 277).
  • Interstate 90 in Spokane from Geiger Field I/C (Exit 276) to Broadway I/C (Exit 286).
  • State Route 195 in Spokane from Inland Empire Hwy. to I-90 (Exit 279).

Olympia and Bellingham

  • Interstate 5 in Olympia from Trosper Road I/C (Exit 102) to Martin Way I/C (Exit 109).
  • State Route 101 in Olympia from Black Lake I/C to I-5 (Exit 104).
  • Interstate 5 in Bellingham from Samish Way I/C (Exit 252) to Northwest Rd. I/C (Exit 257).


If you are a frequent bicyclist, review these non-bike routes in Washington and avoid them. Riding on safe roads is key to reduce risk of an accident, just as wearing the right safety gear is key to reduce injury risk in the event of an accident. A bicyclist has very little room for error, and riding on a dangerous route might cause the rider to fall off the bike or otherwise become injured in an accident.

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