Pedestrian Crossing Improvements: Seattle Pedestrian Accident Prevention and Liability

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Many pedestrian accidents in the Seattle region every year occur when pedestrians are crossing the street. Clearly, pedestrian crossing safety is something that transportation authorities can improve on, and the Seattle Department of Transportation does have a program in place that allows for changes that can improve pedestrian safety.

The Seattle Department of Transportation's (DOT) Pedestrian Program makes use of a number of different types of crossing improvements to encourage people to walk safely.

Marked and Designated Crosswalks

A marked crosswalk is, without a doubt, the most important feature that can help keep Seattle pedestrians safer. Crosswalks are simple to install, and the shortage of designated crosswalks is one of the reasons why so many pedestrians are killed in accidents every year. Where a crosswalk is not available, a pedestrian simply may choose to cross the road at dangerous areas, increasing the risk of an accident. 

However, marked crosswalks are not appropriate for every road and every traffic situation. The Seattle DOT evaluates the existing traffic situation, the number of lanes on the road and other factors before deciding to install a crosswalk.

Lane Rechannelization

Reducing the number of lanes can help facilitate safe pedestrian crossing and reduce accidents. Reduction in travel lanes can mean safer pedestrian crossings and safer bicycling if the reduction in lanes accompanies an increase in the number of bike lanes.

Curb Bulbs

Curb bulbs provide additional space for pedestrians before they cross the street. This can help reduce the speed of turning vehicles and reduce the risk of pedestrians getting struck when they step off the curb and onto the road.

Warning Signs

The Seattle Department of Transportation uses the "Stop for Me, It's the Law" sign to increase motorist awareness of the fact that there are pedestrians around and that they must stop for them. The signs are usually placed near crosswalks and other areas where motorists may not notice pedestrians.

The City’s Liability for Pedestrian Accident

Local Seattle agencies are responsible for maintaining safe infrastructure that helps keep pedestrians safe. When an accident occurs as a result of a defective roadway design or the lack of a marked crosswalk, plaintiffs possibly could file a claim against the city.

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